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Bathroom Decor Ideas

If you’re like most of us, your bathroom is as close as it gets to daily spa visits. So why not spruce it up with some of these beautiful bathroom decor ideas? You can create a soothing atmosphere in bathrooms of any size, from small bathrooms to large master bathrooms. Your bathroom should be your escape from the world, where you can pamper and rejuvenate yourself. And we're here to help. So please keep reading to see our favorite bathroom decor ideas to get inspired.

Classic Luxury Bathroom Decor Ideas

Stylishly Clean

A stylish bathtub is a perfect way to add that extra touch of luxury to your bathroom. We love the house plants by the window, offering a spa-like atmosphere while capitalizing on the humidity in this area of the home. And the vinyl floorcloth beneath the tub protects the floors while creating an easy-clean surface for wet feet.

Classic Luxury

This bright and beautiful bathroom comes to life with the traditional tiled floor and area rug. The rug provides traction for the seat while offering a soft spot to step after the shower. We love how the tiles used for the walk-in shower modernize the space while the glass walls keep things well-lit. The soft and sheer curtain creates a diffuse glow from the sunlight, offering privacy while warming the gold accents throughout the space.

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Stylishly Clean Bathroom Decor Ideas
Colorful Bathroom Decor Ideas

Farmhouse Vibes

There’s something special about farmhouse-style bathrooms that makes everything feel cozier. This bathroom has a definite charm, from the wood towel rack to the exposed-grain cornice above the tub. The traditional tiling in the shower and the marble floor tiles keep the bathroom bright, making the narrow layout feel less constricting. Note the live plant taking advantage of the light and humidity while adding an earthy cheer to the space.

Colorful Cheer

This colorful bathroom is sure to put a smile on your face in the morning. So let yourself have fun when you decorate the bathroom. After all, as your personal oasis, your bathroom should bring you joy. From the eye-catching wallpaper to the colorful cabinet, this bathroom gets it right. Our favorite part is the vinyl floorcloth, which adds color and pattern while keeping the space easy to clean.

Farmhouse Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Nature Inspired Bathroom Decor Ideas
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Natural Beauty

What’s not to love about this spacious, modern bathroom? The combination of exposed wood grain and marble for the counters creates an instant natural beauty about the space. In addition, the extra storage created by the shelf beneath the double vanity adds functionality. Notice how the vase of greenery gives the natural palette a finishing touch, adding color without complicating the design. And the vintage-style runner provides the space with a timeless air while offering a soft space to stand in the morning.

Nature Inspired

The soft green leaves on the wallpaper in this bathroom give it the illusion of a diffuse green glow throughout the space. We love the floating countertop paired with the vessel sink and the unframed mirror, all of which give the room a minimalist appeal. Notice how the mirror reflects the decorative vase, amplifying its effect on the room’s decor.

Natural Beauty Bathroom Decor Ideas
Transitional Appeal Bathroom Decor Ideas

Simple Elegance

Minimalist decor is often the best option for small spaces, as it creates simple elegance that looks intentional. Here, we see a simple vessel sink with a mirror cabinet placed to the side. We love the trailing vine from the sunlight above, taking full advantage of the naturally lit space. But, sometimes, less truly is more.

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Transitional Appeal

This penthouse-style office has a great view beyond the white brick walls with two large windows letting in the light. The purple shag rug gives the office character and color, complementing the otherwise neutral aesthetic, and the pouf creates a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, the bookshelf offers an excellent spot to display your favorite knick-knacks and decor items, perfect for those who love styling. Purple is one of the easiest colors for beginners to decorate with, so if you're looking for a chic style, you might take some inspiration from this attractive color palette.

Bathroom Decor Ideas
Simply Classic Bathroom Decor Ideas
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Simply Classic

Bathrooms don’t always have great lighting, but they can make up for it with a bright palette. Here, the floor tiles introduce black to create pleasing contrast and give the bathroom a classic appeal. The black accents continue throughout the space, from the towel rack to the window frame and baseboards. Many designers feel that no room is complete without a touch of black to ground the decor, and what better way to add it?

Forested Escape

If you can’t afford a home with a tub overlooking a secluded mountain range, a wall mural is the next best thing. Whether you use a stick-on wall decal, hire an artist, or something in between, adding forested imagery to your bathroom makes it more relaxing. And your wall mural doesn’t need to be a foggy forest, either. You can choose any theme you’d like, from a tropical forest to an island escape.

Modern Elegance Bathroom Decor Ideas
Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Vintage Allure

Vintage appeal starts from the bottom up, and this bathroom gets it right. The yellow tiled design on the vinyl floor cloth creates a classic charm that continues through the clawfoot tub, folding accent table, and full-length mirror. A vinyl floor cloth is an excellent bathroom rug choice because the material is easy to clean and water-resistant. We love the use of yellow roses to continue the cheerful yellow introduced with the floorcloth, completing the look.

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Neutral Beauty

Marble tiling, white towels, and a grey striped Chilewich mat create a neutral beauty in the bathroom that’s hard to deny. Chilewich rugs work well in the bathroom because they're durable, easy to clean, and water-resistant while adding texture and style. And small bathroom rugs are easier to maintain and decorate with. Bright neutral color palettes like the one shown here help give your bathroom a calming and relaxing appeal without adding too many extra decorations.

Vintage Allure Baathroom Decor Ideas
Plant Power Bathroom Decor Ideas
Lauren Levy

Small Bathroom Love

What this small bathroom lacks in square footage, it makes up for in style. From the vessel sink to the luxurious shower stall, this bathroom uses a palette of white, tan, gold, silver, and grey to create a spa-like atmosphere. Also, notice the narrow toilet that fits without making the sink or shower feel crowded—choosing a smaller toilet is an often overlooked solution for small bathroom woes.

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Plant Power

We've noted the use of plants in several bathroom decor ideas so far, and with good reason. For example, this bright white bathroom wouldn't look like much without the beautiful plant on the windowsill. But the colorful green falling leaves and vines add an intentional look of natural elegance to the space. If your bathroom has a window and is used for showing or bathing, it’s probably a perfect spot for a range of houseplants. And if your bathroom doesn’t have natural lighting, look for low-light houseplants that like humidity.

Small Bathroom Love Bathroom Decor Ideas
Backyard View Bathroom Decor Ideas

Backyard View

With a view of a backyard garden and luxurious marble tiling, this bathroom is beautiful and dramatic. We love the tiled accent in front of the vanity, but a traditional rug can achieve a similar effect if you can't afford to redo your floors. Notice how the sheer curtain diffuses the sun's glow, lighting the bathroom softly while offering added privacy.

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Rosy Delight

This rose-toned bathroom has serious appeal. We love the mixture of floral patterns with a high-contrast color palette. The fur stool cover and rosy runner add to the feminine appeal of this bathroom, as does the heart-shaped artwork on the wall. Notice how the use of black throughout the space adds drama and a sense of clean contrast, making the space feel more luxurious and relaxing.

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Rosy Delight Bathroom Decor Ideas

Sublime Accents

With double vanities, typically a singular runner rug is stationed in front of it. However, another option is to use small 2x3 or 3x5 rugs in front of each sink. This is an effective way to add comfort to both these stations and set them apart from one another. Note that this setup is ideal in large bathrooms like this one, where there is ample space between the two rugs to highlight the bathroom's natural flooring.

Focal Walls

Accenting the tub or shower with a special tile or wallpaper is a masterful move in setting those spaces apart. Depending on the backing you choose, the space can instantly transform into a modern spa, rustic retreat, or coastal bathing area. The wall can then be complemented by the tub, bathtub decor, and towels to round out the area's design.

Showing Restraint

When adding an accent color to a bathroom, it easy easy to oversaturate the room with those accents. This stunning spa-like bathroom very intentionally uses blue as the primary color and reserves the coral red for a few select occasions. By limiting the color palette, you keep those accents special and avoid oversaturating the room's color palette.

Beautiful Blues

Even if blue is just a small accent in this bathroom, it adds essential style to this small space. The blue tiles of the floor and shower serve as permanent blue accents, but the inclusion of the blue rug and blue towel further cement that color as the primary accent. Whether you are creating a blue bathroom or one with blue accents, there are many ways to include this color throughout the room.

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Form and Function

It is important for a bathroom to be aesthetically pleasing, but it must also be highly practical. By carefully choosing stylish lights and placing them near the main vanity, you can intentionally frame that area and create optimal lighting for getting ready each day. The room's lights can also tie into the rest of the room stylistically through their shapes, structures, and materials.


"Luxurious" doesn't even begin to describe this elevated bathroom. Not only does this room feature a stunning copper bathtub and sinks, but it also uses natural stone throughout the room to complement the natural architecture. The materials you use in your bathroom and how they're displayed have a big impact on the room's tone and can elevate any bathroom from mundane to extraordinary.


If you are decorating your master bathroom, consider how the colors of the bathroom can complement the adjoining bedroom. This rug that features a bright lime green may not have an identical match in the bedroom, but the tone of the color is in the same family as the mustard yellow pillows. Simple connections like these are essential for creating cohesive master suites.

Black and White

Black and white is a classic color palette that works in any room of the home. When using it in a bathroom, displaying black as a focal wall is a great way to create a moody space without making the room feel too dark. This simple contemporary bathroom includes another way to complement the dark blue tones: warm metals. The inclusion of warm gold accents through pendant lights, mirrors, faucets, and hardware can also help soften black tones and alter the tone of the room.

Drawing the Eye

Make the most of your long bathroom by guiding the eye throughout the entire space. With this very long natural vanity, the eye is naturally drawn to the end of it towards the adjoining closet and room. If that was not enough to guide the eye, the rug further cements that natural sightline by creating a path deeper into the room. Another way of drawing the eye deeper into the room is by placing artwork at the end of it, showing off a pendant light, or establishing a small seating area at the end of the room.

Whether you love a modern neutral space or colorful space filled with patterns, we hope these bathroom decor ideas have inspired you to give your space a makeover. Be sure to keep checking back for more great home decorating ideas.


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