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Home office decor ideas tend to be an afterthought when setting up a space to work. The office should be a productivity zone that helps you take on whatever work throws at you. But it usually ends up being a collection of mismatched and unnecessary items that create clutter and even stress. It doesn't have to be that way, though. With these home office decor ideas and tips, we’ll help you create a space that's so stylish and welcoming you'll be excited to get work done.

Geo Office Decor Ideas

Double or Nothing

Are you working with someone? Double desk placement can create symmetry in your home office, improving the aesthetic appeal. The gallery wall gives this office a personal touch, and it’s a great way to combine the personality of both people at the workstation. Add in the chandelier for character, the Persian-inspired rug for timeless class, and cozy chairs for comfort, and you have a perfect merging of multiple fun office decor ideas. There’s no reason your office can’t be pretty AND functional!

Geo Office

The right office rug can become the centerpiece of your professional sanctuary. This geometric area rug boasts a unique shape, chic design, and bright colors for a contemporary appeal. It's like a work of art for the floor while offering a rich wool pile to curl your toes into (if you're working from home). The simple chair and office desk give this space a minimalist appeal, while the vase of greenery and gallery of photos add character. This look should be easy to recreate in any small open area.

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Twin Desk Office Decor Ideas
Creative Space Office Decor Ideas

Classic Charm

This bright office with a window view could be tucked away in the corner of any small space. It’s complete with a mid-century modern desk, a simple chair, and an office lamp. The old-fashioned look comes together with the wall-to-wall canvas-style area rug with a timeless floral design. The white walls and natural light make this space bright and motivating to work in. And the simple art on the wall adds character without creating distractions.

Creative Space

This multi-use space features a moody colorway with good lighting to balance out the look. The bright and cushy rug keeps the space uplifting, balancing out the darker colors without detracting from them. With a long built-in desk and shelf, and plenty of storage, this office is set to be a multi-use space that can accommodate work, art, crafts, schoolwork, and more. The stool shown here is an excellent option for a part-time office or creative space, but the room has the floor space to accommodate a more ergonomically sound chair if necessary.

Classic Charm Office Decor Ideas
Classy Chic Office Decor Ideas

Classy Chic

There’s a reason that everyone wants the office with big windows—bright, well-lit working environments encourage productivity while lifting your mood! If you can put your home office by a window, do it. Here, the light flooring, white walls, and large window make for an uplifting space. The chic chair and classy desk set the mood for serious work, while the greenery in the corner adds a beautiful burst of color. The solid blue rug on the floor also adds color, completing the space. It might surprise you, but the rug is designed for indoor/outdoor use, ensuring it’s durable enough to protect the floor for years to come.

Fashion Forward

This lovely chic office features several stand-out design choices that make it feel like a personalized, inviting space. It’d be an ideal layout for an office that shares space with a living room, which is a reality for many who work from home. The hairpin leg desk, classic chair, textured pouf, and wall decal add character while setting the stage for productivity. And the modern rug design with an ivory, grey, blue, and taupe colorway ties it all together while protecting the floor. Notice how the color palette flows from the shared living room through the office for a cohesive look.

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Fashion Forward Office Decor Ideas

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Gallery Wall Office Decor Ideas

Nature Inspired

"There are very affordable furniture pieces from IKEA that can be completely transformed with a little love and elbow grease – otherwise known as the infamous “IKEA hack” – there are TONS out there! We transformed basic IKEA shelves into “built ins” in our office by hanging them, adding molding, and painting, and they look like a million bucks! The true key to any décor on a budget is getting creative and thinking outside of the box – try to make the most expensive items less expensive, and you’ll save more than you think!" - Anna Ochoa of Fiddle Leaf Interiors


Personalizing your office is all about adding character without taking away from functionality, and what better way to do it than with a gallery wall? This desk has enough room for one person to spread out or two people to tuck in together, depending on the day. And any time you need a break for work, you can gaze up at the framed artwork on the wall. In addition, the extra-large rug is a nice look for this office, as it protects the floor and adds both color and traditional charm.

Nature Inspired Office Decor Ideas
Industrial Chic Office Decor Ideas

Mid-Century Style

If you love an era or decor style, it can be fun to embrace it with your office decor and desk design. Here, we see a unique desk with an eye-catching lampshade and a framed photo. The minimalist desk decorations are enough to make your space feel personalized without becoming clutter or a distraction. In addition, the dense woven area rug features rich texture and a warm colorway, perfect for protecting the floor from the comfy office desk and ottoman on casters.

Industrial Chic

This penthouse-style office has a great view beyond the white brick walls with two large windows letting in the light. The purple shag rug gives the office character and color, complementing the otherwise neutral aesthetic, and the pouf creates a cozy atmosphere. Additionally, the bookshelf offers an excellent spot to display your favorite knick-knacks and decor items, perfect for those who love styling. Purple is one of the easiest colors for beginners to decorate with, so if you're looking for a chic style, you might take some inspiration from this attractive color palette.

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Mid-Century Style Office Decor Ideas
Small Space Functionality Office Decor Ideas

Small Space Functionality

This small office space from Erika C. could easily be tucked away at the end of a hallway anywhere in the home. It features a long and narrow office rug with a vintage-inspired design, protecting the floors and defining the space. With two chairs to provide more functional comfort, it’s even versatile enough to accommodate a client or a long afternoon of phone calls. And with stylish greenery and floating shelves, it has a timeless modern appeal that’s sure to help you get work done.

Modern Office

This modern office space from Elisa Contemporary Art features a range of eye-catching artwork for an instantly creative aesthetic. The walls and furniture feature neutral colors, but the artwork and rug add a rainbow of beautiful shades to mix things up. In addition, the industrial lighting, potted plant, and modern desk lamp add to the fun design of this space, making it an ideal haven for creators everywhere. We suggest using colors and artwork on the walls and floors if you’d like to capture a similar upbeat atmosphere.

Modern Office Decor Ideas
FUNctional Office Decor Ideas

Inspiring Elegance

This inviting office from @athomewithxin uses a combination of color, artwork, and accents to inspire creativity and productivity. Note the farmhouse-style paneled wall updated with a modern shade of gray and how it highlights the framed artwork as the centerpiece of the room. The vintage-inspired rug in denim and spice adds warmth to the space, while the desk decorations give it a personal touch. Don’t be afraid to add your favorite trinkets to your desk, as long as you leave room to get your work done!

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This beautiful office from @addictiveinteriors is both fun and functional. With the statement chair and eye-catching chandelier, it has instant personality. And a bit of a jungle vibe, thanks to the potted plants. But it comes back down to earth with the large rug placement to protect the floor while adding warmth to the space. Also, note the display cabinets and extra storage on the back wall—an excellent alternative to clunky filing cabinets, adding style instead of detracting from it.

Inspiring Elegance Offce Decor Ideas

Elegant Sophistication Office Decor Ideas

Elegant Sophistication

If you’re looking for a classic office design that exudes boss energy, take a page from this regal, wood-paneled space. This office is bright and inviting with glass doors to let in the sun and sconces for mood lighting. And the built-in desk allows for plenty of storage and desk decoration. The white, brown, and black color palette comes to life with the chocolate area rug that protects the floor while adding a subtle luster. In addition, this office features multiple seating options, which is perfect for switching between tasks like making phone calls, filing paperwork, and catching up on reading for an upcoming seminar.

Timeless Style Office Decor Ideas

Library Style

This library-style home office is an excellent choice for the book lovers among us. Walls lined with built-in shelves provide the space to keep an extensive collection of books, and what could be better for stimulating the mind during the workday? Here, we see a traditional office desk and chair set by a well-lit window, creating the perfect space to get some research done. And the simple, sophisticated rug protects the floor and seems to roll out a proverbial red carpet to this soothing workstation.

Timeless Style

There’s a lot to love about this home office, from the captivating patchwork of tribal patterns on the rug to the vintage-style office chair and farmhouse desk. We love the sheer orange curtains to filter the midday sun while adding a pleasant warm glow. If you want to add a bright color to your home office, sheer curtains are an excellent way to do it. And notice the use of the room’s shelves to display potted plants, adding more color and life to the space.

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Library Style Office Decor Ideas

Symmetrical Design

Whether your home office leans into a traditional aesthetic or something more modern, you can utilize symmetry to create a cohesive space. The lights on the rear table provide symmetry to the room and help it create like an organized, comfortable place to work. You can also incorporate symmetry through wall art, furniture placement, and other decorative accents to create a tidy space.

Textural Details

Texture can help define your office as a multi-dimensional space. In this elegant home office, there are many textures through the wallpaper, lamps, curtains, mid century modern chair, and the rug. By incorporating different textures, patterns, and designs throughout an office, you naturally create a dynamic space that has many appealing design elements.

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Fresh Flowers

Flowers are a wonderful accent for home offices. They make the room feel lived in and charming whether it is a countryside office or an elegant modern office. If you don't have a green thumb and struggle with flowers, even artificial flowers can serve as classy accents to brighten your office's tone and aesthetic.

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Focal Wall

When you're sitting at a desk, you'll naturally be looking at the wall in front of you and behind your computer. Take this as an opportunity to showcase a unique wall mural that inspires you. You may stick with a monochromatic work of art like this room, or you can take inspiration from boho style and incorporate bright, energetic colors to keep you motivated.

Desk Decor

Any desk decor that you place on your desk should never get in the way of your daily work. If you do want decorative accents on your desk, consider using books that you frequently pull for research, a lighting fixture, or a plant that boosts your mood. Family photos and reminders of why you work each day can also help motivate you to tackle the tasks at hand.

Natural Features

Many homes and home offices have architectural features that make the space unique. If that's the case with your office, allow those elements to take the spotlight. This industrial office is defined by the rustic brick on the wall along with the industrial pipes and industrial desk. Your home's architecture can inspire what decor and furniture you use in the space and guide you towards rugs, plants, and wall art that complement those stunning features.

Classic Colors

Rich, historic greens and natural leathers can make your home office feel like a classic library. Conversely, you can stray from the norm and use modern colors to blend traditional architecture with contemporary aesthetics. Whatever style you fall into, carefully take colors and materials into account to help you define your office's unique style.

Compact Spaces

Home offices are often multi purpose rooms, which means you don't necessarily have the privilege of using the entire room. This room shows how you can condense your home office into a unique built-in system with bookshelves, drawers, and intentional spacing. Custom systems like these can help you create your ideal home office and allow space for a separate office seating area.

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Design by Nadia Watts of Nadia Watts Interior Design


The home office carpet or rug that you use with your desk has a big impact on the room's tone and mood. An animal print rug like this zebra hide can help create a very unique, vibrant home office. The rug you choose an also steer you towards using other accents in the room like an animal statue, jungle plants, and abstract artwork. When you do add a rug to a desk space, be sure that it is a low pile or flat weave to ensure the chair does not get caught on the rug's fibers.

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Seating Spaces

Even if you do not host guests or clients in your home office, you can still incorporate a seat or seating area in your office. This room showcases that through a simple chaise chair by the desk. A single seat like this can add comfort to the room for when you need a break or simply create a more welcoming, soothing setting. There are many ways to incorporate seats into an office, so look at home office inspiration photos to give you specific office seating area ideas.

Stylistic Consistency

When you're considering what knick-knacks and decor to use in your office, consider streamlining these accents to fit specific categories or color palettes. In this example, the room frequently uses books and curved pottery/vases as the main accents. Because of that, the room is filled without being overwhelming or feeling cluttered.

Practical Style

Offices are highly functional spaces, so as part of your decorating, look at how you can use multiple lighting types in the room. Desk lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, and other lights can all serve to decorate your office and create a space that you enjoy being in. Plus, the right amount of lighting will also make working easier and put less strain on your eyes.

If you’re ready to put these home office decor ideas to use, it’s time to give your space a makeover. You don’t have to be a professional designer to create an area perfect for sipping your morning coffee before work. You just need an idea of how to decorate the space of your dreams. Feel free to browse our full selection of office rugs for more photos and inspiration if you need some extra office decor ideas.


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