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Room Ideas

Bedroom Decor Ideas

Your bedroom should feel like a retreat. It’s where you recharge your batteries after a long and demanding day. We’re here with our favorite bedroom decor ideas to show you how to create an escape worth dreaming about. Think soothing colors, beautiful window treatments, great pieces of furniture, and tasteful accessories. Keep reading for beautiful images and tips to inspire your bedroom’s makeover. From farmhouse to tropical, we have bedroom ideas for every style, floorplan, and household.

Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas

Sweetly Soft

From the pink pastels to the soft wool rug, this bedroom is all about the textures. In perfect contrast to the industrial white brick walls, every textile in this space seems to invite you to reach out and touch it. So, look for a soft rug that you want to curl your toes into every morning, cozy bedding that makes you want to stay in bed forever, and comfy accents like the reading chair shown here. And don’t forget soothing colors to comfort your eyes and mind after a long day. Soft colors and textures help get your mind and body ready for a good night’s rest.

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Daydreamer’s Paradise

This beautiful bedroom gets it all right, from the lighting to the bedding and beyond. To create a bedroom you love, you’ll want to think of an ambiance, feeling, or theme you'd like to capture. From there, you can decorate around it with beautiful (and practical) furniture, throws, mirrors, pillows, rugs, artwork, and lighting. The bedroom is decorated with warm and neutral tones, complete with bright lighting, cozy bedding, and a large antique mirror. Notice how the mirror is positioned to reflect natural light that makes the room appear larger and more open.

Sweetly Soft Bedroom Decor Ideas
Floral Getaway Bedroom Decor Ideas

Floral Getaway

Matching floral patterns on the area rug beside the bed and the two large poufs make this bedroom look like an ideal escape from it all. The throw pillows on the bed continue the floral theme and color palette, cementing the theme throughout the room. If you’re lucky enough to have an open master bedroom like this one, look for bedroom ideas with layouts and themes designed to make the most of your retreat-style getaway. Here, the florals complement the intricate tiling on the floor, and the poufs invite you to sit and lounge for a while.

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Rustic Charm

This rustic bedroom looks meant to be with the traditional area rug, farmhouse-style bench, and earthy color palette. The sheer white curtains are hung high and wide, creating a soothing glow to wake up to while making the windows appear larger. Note the additions of blue from the bench, nightstand, and accent pillow, adding a soothing tone to this otherwise earthy neutral color palette. The blue works well with the warm tones throughout the room, and this pairing is reflected in the rug, which may have been the inspiration for this space's entire color scheme.

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Rustic Charm Bedroom Decor Ideas
Modern Comfort Bedroom Decor Ideas

Layered Love

Shabby chic décor seems made for the bedroom, and it shines in this layered layout. Layered rugs give your bedroom visual interest, added insulation and extra protection for the floors. Pick a larger, rougher rug for the bottom layer and add softer rugs on top. Try using runners to flank the bed on either side, giving your feet something soft to land on in the morning. This runner features high-low texturing, which adds to the layered effect. And don’t forget to layer the rest of your decor if you want to capture this look. Note the layering from the blankets and pillows to the stack of books topped with a vase on the nightstand.

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Modern Comfort

Contemporary styling and an open floorplan make this bedroom feel welcoming and spacious. This room’s modern feel seems to grow from the painterly rug with its bold floral pattern and grey/blue color palette. The rug’s colors are reflected back in the beautiful throw pillow arrangement and in the chunky throw blanket at the foot of the bed. Including extra blankets and pillows can set the mood in a master bedroom, but don’t forget to do the same in your guest bedroom.

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Layered Love Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Aesthetic Outlines Bedroom Decor Ideas

Zen-Like Luxury

All-white bedrooms have a Zen-like feel, as though the focus on neutral tones allows your eyes to relax after being bombarded by color all day long. This bedroom focuses subtly grounds the all-white aesthetic with a black bed frame, which sticks to the rule that every room needs at least one black accent. Otherwise, it showcases soft white shades in the plush hand-woven rug, pouf, pillows, and throw blankets. Layering white on white works best when the shades are subtly different to create depth.

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Aesthetic Outlines

This small bedroom stands out with the black outlines on the bedding and the artwork on the walls. The contrast of black and white helps ground the design (remember the rule that every room needs at least one black accent?). The platform bed rests on a super plush shag rug, which is perfect for curling your toes into first thing in the morning. It features layering with a few throw blankets and pillows but otherwise keeps it simple. A design like this would be perfect for a guest room to make family and friends feel at home.

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Zen-Like Luxury Bedroom Decor Ideas
Tropical Escape Bedroom Decor Ideas

Tropical Escape

This tropical-inspired bedroom seems like an island begging you to escape, read a book, and relax before bed. It’d be an ideal master bedroom and an excellent BNB-style guest room, depending on the space you’re working with. Note the rattan bed frame, floor-to-ceiling plants, and chaise-style seating. This bedroom is also a great example of how you can pull an entire color palette from the room’s area rug. Using this approach helps create a cohesive design that looks intentional and inviting.

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Gorgeous Greys Bedroom Decor Ideas

Gallery of Dreams

Gallery walls aren’t just for living rooms and dining areas. Here, the gallery wall gives this bedroom character and visual interest without overwhelming the space. Notice how the colors of the rug flow up to the pillow atop the bed and are continued throughout with a warm neutral palette. Try pulling colors for your bedroom’s rug or throw pillow arrangement to give the space a cohesive and soothing appeal.

Gorgeous Neutrals

A neutral color scheme in the bedroom works well because it doesn’t overstimulate the senses before sleep. The design shown here would work well in master bedrooms and guest bedrooms alike. Try layering color-coordinated throw pillows, showcasing your entire color palette as the centerpiece of the room. This neutral theme uses a palette of white, grey, black, and tan, with a hint of blues woven into the throw blanket at the foot of the bed. By picking four or five neutral colors and sticking to them, you almost guarantee success with your design.

Gallery of Dreams Bedroom Decor Ideas
Nature Inspired Bedroom Decor Ideas

Harmonious Tones

White walls and white furniture create a bright and expansive appeal in this modern living room. Today’s homes frequently rely on all-white walls and decor, and with good reason. The color offers many advantages. It reflects other colors in the room, creating a sense of cohesiveness in the design, but it also reflects light. And by reflecting light, it makes spaces appear larger, which is a much-needed effect with today’s shrinking home sizes. Another advantage of a white-heavy design like this is that you can change the colors of your accents, and it’ll go with all of them.

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Nature Inspired

Lively and modern, this beautiful living room plays with a palette of neutral and primary colors. The area rug’s textured, geometric appeal instantly captures the gaze, but the eye soon travels up to appreciate the textured, abstract artwork on the credenza. From there, the eye is encouraged to complete the circuit, traveling to the beautiful vase in the back nook, and finally, the geometric lamp base. And the design of this seating area feels lighthearted and engaging, thanks to the subtle interplay of shape, texture, and color.

Harmonious Tones ini the Bedroom
Eclectic Relaxation Bedroom Decor Ideas

Eclectic Relaxation

This beautiful bedroom is built on the large rug placement spanning most of the room. With a vintage pattern and warm color palette, the rug grounds the decor and creates a sense of unity. A 9x12 or 12x15 area rug would work well to recreate this. The lounge chair and side table combo are a nice touch by the window, creating a hotel-like escape where you can wind down before sleep. And the look is continued with the bench at the foot of the bed. The eclectic style takes shape with the boldly elegant headboard, the coastal surfboard in the corner, and the boho throw pillow arrangement on the bed.

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Modern Chic

If you’re working with a small bedroom, rug placement beside the bed is often the best option. It pads the space where you’ll be placing your feet in the morning without demanding a lot of square footage. The faux cowhide shown here is adorned with golden accents that catch the sunlight pouring in from the window above, lighting up the room. Faux fur and hide rugs are more durable than authentic options. They’re also easier to keep clean and cruelty-free, which is always a bonus.

Modern Chic Bedroom Decor Ideas
Warm Winter Nights - Bedroom Decor Ideas

Fun and Funky

Who doesn’t love a pile of pillows to jump into before bed? This beautiful bedroom layers a mixture of colors and patterns atop an otherwise neutral palette, from the throw pillows to the artwork and accents. Recreate it by choosing a funky color palette (try pulling colors from a fun rug design that you admire) and then picking pillows that represent each color. Choose an array of sizes and shapes and use them to layer your colors on the bed. It’s hard to go wrong with throw pillows, so use as many as you’d like. Just don’t forget to provide somewhere to store or place the extra pillows overnight.

Warm Winter Nights

There’s nothing quite like staring out the window at a wintery landscape from a cozy, warm bed you could stay in all day. The understated blue and grey area rug sets the stage for the space, adding texture, traditional design, and a soft spot for your feet in the morning. With a white, black, grey, tan, and blue color scheme, it looks effortless and relaxing without losing the industrial appeal created by the white brick wall. Note the casual placement of the throw blanket on the bed and how different it looks from the standard straight bed scarf seen in more traditional spaces.

Fun and Funky Bedroom Decor Ideas
Multi-Use Space Bedroom Decor Ideas

Multi-Use Space

What do you do when you want a home office and a guest bedroom? Combine them, of course! This shared space makes room for a four-poster bed, complete with traditional nightstands and a large viscose area rug, and a working desk to the side. When guests are over, the desk provides an excellent spot for reading and personal effects. And the rest of the time, you’ll enjoy a stately office zone that’s reminiscent of a timeless hotel escape, sure to set the mood for writing or artistic projects.

Plush Comfort Bedroom Decor Ideas

Cozy Comfort

Half bedroom, half lounge, this space seems to invite you to relax and laze away a long summer day. Whether you’re decorating your own bedroom or a guest room, the lounge aesthetic will make the space more inviting and relaxing. And the best part is that you can create it with layered pillows, blankets, and plush area rugs. In this case, the layered rugs to the side create the foundation for lounge pillows, inviting you to cozy up with a good book and a cup of tea. In addition, Boho colors and bright lighting will help keep the lounge aesthetic looking cozy instead of chaotic.

Plush Comfort

This transitional bedroom mixes traditional and modern styling for a plush, comfy design. The high bedframe and thick blankets are ideal for any guest or master bedroom. The simple throw pillow arrangement adds to the plush appeal. The mirrored furniture and accent above the wall create the illusion of spaciousness. In contrast, the accent by the window seems to play with the sunlight. Finally, note how the Persian-inspired area rug brings the authenticity of an old-world textile to the space, adding dynamism to the room's aesthetic and completing the look.

Cozy Comfort Bedroom Decor Ideas

Calming Colors Bedroom Decor Ideas

Calming Colors

This small bedroom makes the most of its layout by keeping furniture to a minimum so it doesn’t look crowded. Smaller rug sizes, like 5x8 and 6x9, work well when placed under the bottom half or two-thirds of the bed. Here, the rug is placed asymmetrically to provide padding on one side of the bed. This works well for a single-person or guest bedroom. For two people, you’d center the rug placement to pad both sides of the bed. Notice how the soft blues blend seamlessly into the neutral color scheme, making the space feel calming and inviting.

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Modern Elegance Bedroom Decor Ideas

Modern Elegance

Your master bedroom is your main escape from the world, and you want it to be showstopping. Here, a mixture of traditional and modern styling creates a stunning transitional appeal that’s hard to top. With a four-poster bed and a luxurious window seat, everything about this room seems to invite you to take a load off. The plush blanket atop the acrylic bench at the foot of the bed helps this modern element blend in with exposed woodgrain and layered blankets. And the large silky area rug gives the whole design an effortless appeal.

Nighttime Mirage

This eye-catching design is effortless and minimalist, perfect for a guest bedroom. The room itself relies on a high-contrast accent wall that’s mirrored back with the color from the door. And the bedding relies on an understated neutral color palette. Without the bold, geometric-shaped area rug, the space might seem a bit dull. But the rug steals the show, serving as the focal point for the space while providing practical padding for your feet in the morning. And the lone chair to the side gives guests seating or an additional table for personal items. If you have a dull bedroom, try adding a statement rug like this to effortlessly transform the look into something mesmerizing.

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Nighttime Mirage Bedroom Decor Ideas
Stately Appeal Bedroom Decor Ideas

Neutral on Neutral

Neutral color palettes are common in today’s bedrooms because they’re versatile and calming. Here, we see a detailed traditional rug layered over grey carpeting to give the space more depth. The stools at the foot of the bed replace the standard bench, giving the room more versatility. The rounded nightstands inject a dose of modern design. The white, tan, brown, and grey color palette looks elegant and luxurious with layered solids and patterns throughout the space. And the tree in the corner adds texture with a bit of natural color for visual engagement.

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Stately Appeal

Who doesn’t love an elegant headboard and neutral design? This grey, black, brown, and white color palette comes to life across the room, from the bedroom area rug, and the throw pillows to the leather bench at the foot of the bed. The foliage in the corner intentionally brings a touch of brown up to eye level, and the mirror reflects it back, enhancing the effect. Note the plush textures from the pillows and blankets, which seem to invite you to snuggle in for a good night’s rest.

Neutral on Neutral Bedroom Decor Ideas
Kid's Bedroom Decor Ideas

Guest Room

This bedroom design would work well in a shared space, guest room, or even children’s room. The abstract rug is placed asymmetrically under one side of the bed to pad the exposed flooring in the rest of the space. And the colors behind the bed mirror those from the rug, solidifying the space's palette. If you’re not sure what to hang on the walls, try taking inspiration from the colors of a statement rug to tie the design together.

Guest Bedroom Decor Ideas

For the Little Ones

Kid’s bedrooms are a treat to decorate, and this room from Michelle Hansen and Practical Perfection is an excellent example. Notice how the yellow accent color makes the palette of neutral tones, including white, tan, black, and grey pop. One bright, exciting color in a children's bedroom gives you a theme to focus on and can make the room more engaging for your little one. Just don’t overdo it, and always keep their favorite colors in mind. Or better yet, ask them to help you pick the decor! You can make this "safe" by picking several options you like and then letting your kiddo pick between those.

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Guest Room Decor Ideas

Open Space Bedroom Decor Ideas

Open Space

Loft bedrooms and studio bedrooms have to work with open floor plans that rely on the decor to define the space. Here, the shimmering abstract rug at the foot of the bed works in tandem with the off-white wall to cordon off the bedroom. Note how the grey and white color palette is seemingly inverted compared to the seating area just out of frame. This is an excellent way to use one color scheme throughout the space while still changing it up. The artwork above the bed shares an aesthetic theme with the throw pillows on the ed, as well as the bookcase, adding the cherry on top of this design.

Bohemian Nights Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bohemian Nights

Charcoal walls in the bedroom can create a nighttime escape if it’s done right, and this bedroom is an excellent example of doing it right. The boho-style area rug on the floor creates a color palette that’s reproduced in the throw pillow arrangement on the bed. With metallic furniture to add a bit of glam into this style and plant life in the nook to bring in a natural look, it plays with the contrast of texture and color. Boho decor is all about breaking the rules to get the aesthetic you want, so play with your designs and don’t be afraid to add a bit of bold style to your relaxing space.

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Lofty Dreams

This loft bedroom features a low ceiling and cozy double bed space, perfect for little ones, guests, or roomies. If you’re working with low ceilings, think about how you can lower your furniture to create a custom design that’ll be truly unique. Here, the beds are low mattresses on the floor with plush comforters and a tasseled rug between them. The low table at the foot of the bed, and table lamp set directly on the floor, continue the look. And the shelves to the sides work well for storing books, accents, and personal effects. Always work with what you have for the best design.

Loft Bedroom Decor Ideas

Introducing Pattern

Rugs with large, dynamic patterns may overwhelm rooms that are supposed to feel light and airy. To avoid this, choose a rug with a very subdued or faded pattern. Choosing a rug like this gives you the freedom to incorporate patterns elsewhere throughout the room in chairs, ottomans, benches, pillows, and other accents.

Showing Restraint

Large bedrooms can accommodate far more furniture and elegant design. However, it is still possible to create a grand master bedroom with a limited color palette and intentional design. The rug is one example that shows the room's restraint; it is layered with the king bed and directly against the adjoining bathroom to accent that specific space. Plus, limiting the rug to this area helps accent the rich wood floors in the rest of the room. Therefore, even if you have a large bedroom to fill, showing restraint with your accents can help you create a masterfully designed bedroom.

Coordinating Colors

A great way to create a cohesive bedroom is to use similar colors throughout the room. This lakeside bedroom leans heavily into that aesthetic through the use of creams, blues, and greens. Highlighting these colors in different shades, images, and textures can help you create a cohesive color scheme and lean into your favorite aesthetic.

The Beauty of Black

Black is a stunning neutral color that adds drama to any room it is used in. By using a black rug with soft creams and vibrant reds, each color has the opportunity to shine in this bedroom's color palette. Consider how you can decorate your room with other wall art, bedsheets, and accessories to make the most of the room's color scheme and tone.

Multi Purpose Bedrooms

Not all homes have a spare room for a home office. That is why desks and workspaces are often incorporated into bedrooms. Depending on the room's size, the office space and bed may have very little distance between them. To smoothly transition from one space to another, consider placing a decorative rug between them. This rug will serve as an accent to both areas and help create a room that feels unified.

Wonderful Whimsy

Vibrant contemporary patterns with teals, reds, pinks, and oranges often create bedrooms that feel youthful and jubilant. If you are looking to create a room that fits these vibes, consider accents like the rug, pillows, curtains, and even lampshades to help you incorporate fun patterns in unique ways. The patterns can have similarities in shapes, imagery, and motifs, or they can be scattered to create an eclectic aesthetic.

Small Spaces

Small bedrooms can be tricky to accent and decorate. In order to maximize your layout, consider the size and placement of the rug in particular. Even though rectangular rugs are often placed opposite the bed's rectangular shape, turning it so the long edges run along the long sides of the bed is a good way to create a unique style and fit into smaller bedrooms.

Tasteful Textures

Bohemian and eclectic bedrooms often use various colors and textures to create their signature aesthetic. When you are looking for areas to add texture, consider a shag or jute rug, tasselled pillows and blankets, a rattan pendant light, and woven wall art. Each of these categories offer many different ways to incorporate texture into the room, and there are even more items of inspiration out there to find.

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Low profile queen beds create a lower profile than other traditional bed frames. With that, you have greater freedom in decorating the space above and to the sides of the bed. In this case, a large floor lamp towers over the side of the bed, but you can also furnish these spaces with grand wall art, collages, or other natural accents like windows.

Fabulous Furniture

Although the bed is often considered to be the most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, you can accent it by including a side chair or lounge chair elsewhere in the room. Whether you set up one chair as a singular reading chair or pair them for relaxed conversation, adding these chairs and layering their front legs with the rug is a great way to elevate your bedroom's style and functionality.

Young at Heart

Bright colors, bold patterns, and whimsical design are at the heart of this youthful bedroom. The balance of different colors serving as main colors and secondary accents all work together to create a visual pop of color that immediately gets your attention without being obnoxious. Yes, it is possible to use many different patterns and colors to create a bedroom that isn't blinding or overwhelming!

Balancing Asymmetry

Utilizing asymmetry with the placement of the rug or nearby furniture is a great way to optimize your room's layout. In this case, the nightstands both feature similar styles and shapes, but they are uniquely set apart from one another. When using asymmetry in the furniture, try a more traditional rug layout to reign in the design or choose a different layout to create more eclectic bedroom.

Are you ready to put these bedroom decor ideas into practice? Regardless of the size of your bedroom, it’s full of design potential. Just pick some of your favorite bedroom ideas from this list and makeover your most personal space one and for all. And if you’re still looking for more bedroom decor ideas, check out our selection of bedroom rugs. There, you’ll find thousands of inspiring images and styling choices to help you create the perfect space.


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