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Bathroom Rug Ideas

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Bathrooms are some of the hardest working rooms in the house, especially if they are shared. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t feel like a retreat. With some small updates, these functional spaces can be transformed to look like new. A great place to start with your bathroom transformation is with a bathroom rug. This way for some of our favorite bathroom rug ideas...

​​​​​​​Bathroom Rug Ideas

Bathroom Rug Inspiration

Bathroom rugs can be eye-catching and bold or simple and understated. We’ve got some inspiration for making your bathroom your new favorite room in the house:

Your Home Spa: The master bathroom should be an extension of your master bedroom sanctuary. Make your master bathroom a spa retreat with a few easy changes.

  • First, remove all clutter from your bathroom counter and floor. Store items in drawers or under the sink. If your bathroom is lacking in storage, buy a few attractive containers to hold toiletries and towels.
  • Next, add soft furnishings (like rugs, towels, shower curtain) in a neutral color scheme. White is most common for a spa, but other neutrals like gray, beige and even light blues and greens work too. Spa rugs are typically soft and white. A white rug in cotton or chenille will absorb water and wear well in the bathroom and can are easily cleaned by throwing them in the washing machine. Or, for something more organic, choose a jute or sisal woven rug. These rugs are absorbent and grippy to keep you from slipping.

Farmhouse Bathroom: If you find yourself drawn to farmhouse style, you’ll likely appreciate an organic and casual atmosphere with simple lines and well loved (aged) materials. For a farmhouse bathroom, you’ll want to mix old and new. A vintage style rug placed in front of the sink or tub can add softness and safety. Or, try a simple flat woven striped rug in black and white over wood floors. Use a rug pad to prevent slipping.

Transitional Style: Transitional style combines traditional design elements with contemporary style. In your transitional bathroom, you’ll find smooth straight lines combined with soft curvy textures. A rug is a great way to balance your transitional space. If you have a smooth lacquered vanity, add softness with a round or oval rug. Balance out bold masculine tile with a cushy rectangular chenille rug.

Chic and Glamorous: If your home style is all about glitzy sophistication, then your bathroom should be no different. Glam style incorporates a neutral color scheme with sculptural lines and dramatic details. Give your bathroom that ‘Old Hollywood’ vibe by starting with a neutral color palette, then add a bathroom vanity or pedestal sink with sculptural lines and metallic detail. Finally, add thick and luxurious towels and rugs in traditional or geometric patterns. A high pile rug made from wool or synthetic materials feels rich and handles moisture well.

How To Choose The Best Bathroom Rug

Pick the right size rug for your bathroom by measuring the space first.

  • If you have a large bathroom, you can center a large rug in the middle of the room.
  • Another option is to place two or more smaller rugs in front of the vanity or tub.
  • If you have a small bathroom, a small round or oval rug should be centered in the room.



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