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Living room decor Ideas

The living room is one of the most important rooms in your home. It’s your place for cozy movie nights, entertaining guests, playing games, and hosting events. In many small houses, the living room also serves as a home office, dining room, playroom, and more. Unsurprisingly, it’s also among the most intimidating rooms to decorate. Don’t worry, though! We’re here to share our favorite living room decor ideas to help you get started. Keep reading to get inspired.

Earthy Elegance Living Room Ideas

Color Coordination

This lovely living room comes to life around the modern rug, and it’s all thanks to the expert color palette. From the white brick walls to the dark brown wood tones, with everything in between, this room is a visual delight. The palette in any room should include around four to six colors, including neutrals like white and black. It can help to pick your rug and then pull a few colors from it to really tie the space together. In this image, you can find the room’s entire color palette hiding in the rug’s wool fibers.

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natural Elegance

This sweet and simple living room uses an earthy color palette that works well with the flooring and window frame. It’s an excellent example of how to place a large rug: with the front legs of two chairs and a couch anchored around the edges. The small round table in the center, as well as the side table by the couch, offers convenience without breaking the elegance of the space. If you’d like to capture a similar look, the key is to use every piece of furniture to tie your space together.

Color Coordination Living Room Decor Ideas
Get fluffy and luxurious with a faur fur living room rug

Playing with Shapes

All you need to create a seating area that looks inviting and attractive is a focal point. And unique shaped rugs like this faux hide piece are the perfect way to do it. The unusual shape draws the eye and makes the space look intentional. The color palette of the rug is reflected in the seating around it, making the design appear more cohesive. And if you’d like to give this look a try, our tip is that faux hide generally stands up to today’s high-traffic spaces better than genuine cowhide.

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Heirloom Aesthetics

Designed to mimic the look of antique textiles, this beautiful area rug steals the show in this living room. With its flat polyester base and printed design, it brings a time-worn appeal into this space without sacrificing durability. The chest in the corner of the room continues the heirloom appeal, solidifying the aesthetic with the beautiful accents displayed on top of it. Meanwhile, the sheer white curtains create a luminous glow from the window, and their high placement makes the window appear taller than it is.

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Heirloom Living Room Decor Ideas
Boho Living Room Decor Ideas

Understated Floral

Understated decor and a distinct floral theme give this room a soothing appeal, keeping the look gentle and elegant. If you love the look of floral patterns but you shy away because you don’t want to make your space overwhelming, this approach might be the perfect fit. This living room uses a soft color palette with neutral tones like grey and brown mixed in. The floral rug and artwork add color and visual energy without breaking the aesthetic.

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Boho Beauty

A boho living room seems the perfect spot to spend an evening with good company. Here, the room makes use of vintage styling, low-level seating, a variety of textures, and plenty of plant life. The playful tassels on the rug work particularly well for adding textile texture here. The room also features a bold color palette, a mix of different light sources, and patterns galore. Try mixing accents, textures, and vibrant color schemes to create your own boho escape.

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Understated Floral Living Room Decor Ideas

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"I often find gallery walls as a great design detail to use in a space--no two gallery walls are ever alike, and they are a great way to showcase your individual tastes. For larger wall spaces, I opt to do a more dispersed layout with frames in varying sizes, while for smaller areas or nooks, I suggest keeping the frames more uniform in size and evenly hung.

- Kristin Patrician, Dwelling Envy Interiors

Soft and Cozy

A shag rug always screams cozy, and this living room makes the most of it. The texture continues with the fluffy accent pillows on the side chairs, creating a sharp contrast with the traditional furniture styling. The couch continues the soft and inviting look with plenty of pillows and blankets (and dogs) to snuggle up with. And if you need space for several guests, a varied seating arrangement around a spacious coffee table is an excellent way to create it.

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Image via Megan Dufresne, Principal Designer at MC Design
Bright and Earthy Living Room Decor Ideas

Bright and Earthy

With a palette comprised solely of neutral tones, this living room seating arrangement appears cohesive and welcoming. The warm browns from the wood and wicker throughout the space give this space an inviting, farmhouse appeal without deviating from the aesthetic. Neutrals are an excellent way to add life and warmth to a bright space without confusing the styling. Here, the rug adds a vintage medallion pattern in ivory and charcoal, creating visual interest while anchoring the seating arrangement.

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Adding traditional style with living room decor

Traditional Appeal

Warm tones, intentional contrast, and vintage vibes set a grounded tone for this living room. The furniture placement orients the people in this space towards each other rather than a television or window, encouraging conversation. And the vintage rug design plays with colors from across the palette, anchoring the front feet of the seating and centering the room. The coffee table and rug also center with the fireplace, furthering the symmetry created by the sconces and artwork on the wall above it.

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Simply Compelling

A color palette of grey, black, brown, and ivory, with a hint of greyish blue, create a compelling chic look in this living room. The simplistic hand-knotted rug serves as the centerpiece of this room, shining gently with a viscose and wool pile that brings the traditional design to life. And the rest of the room anchors to the rug's classic theme, creating bold contrast without straying from the neutral theme. The throw pillow arrangement on the couch is an excellent example of asymmetrical styling, and it’s made orderly by the matching tables and lamps to either side.

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Vintage Modern Living Room Decor Ideas
Modern Living Room Decor Ideas

Modern Brilliance

White walls and white furniture create a bright and expansive appeal in this modern living room. Today’s homes frequently rely on all-white walls and decor, and with good reason. The color offers many advantages. It reflects other colors in the room, creating a sense of cohesiveness in the design, but it also reflects light. And by reflecting light, it makes spaces appear larger, which is a much-needed effect with today’s shrinking home sizes. Another advantage of a white-heavy design like this is that you can change the colors of your accents, and it’ll go with all of them.

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Modern Lines

Lively and modern, this beautiful living room plays with a palette of neutral and primary colors. The area rug’s textured, geometric appeal instantly captures the gaze, but the eye soon travels up to appreciate the textured, abstract artwork on the credenza. From there, the eye is encouraged to complete the circuit, traveling to the beautiful vase in the back nook, and finally, the geometric lamp base. And the design of this seating area feels lighthearted and engaging, thanks to the subtle interplay of shape, texture, and color.

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Open Concept Modern Living Room Decor Ideas
Pink Living Room Decor Ideas

Pretty in Pink

Luscious textures, soft, warm colors, and a people-focused seating arrangement give this living room undeniable chic style. The pink and white rug sets an elegant base for the velvet sofa and vintage-style chair. And the assortment of throw pillows and a throw blanket pulls that elegance up to the furniture, seeming to invite you to snuggle up with the color palette itself. Don’t be afraid to use feminine accents, elegant furniture, and chic styling to drive home to the cozy factor in your living room.

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Indoor Jungle

This lounge area would be at home almost anywhere, from the office to the living room. The use of plants to create a green background color while artfully filling the open shelving creates an indoor jungle appeal. And the combination of green and earthy tones in the chair continues this theme, making the space feel meant to be. Try using plants to add color to a room decorated primarily in earthy neutrals. The effect is relaxing and natural, perfect for a relaxing zone in your household.

Lounge Decor Ideas
Textured Rug - Living Room Decor Ideas

Eclectic Appeal

Who wouldn’t want to spend an evening catching up in this beautiful living room? This space features a mixture of styles and colors, from the throw pillow arrangement to the rattan accent chair, creating an eclectic feel. And the global decor on the mantle continues the look, drawing the eye up to the artwork and hanging planter. Despite the meeting of styles, the living room still follows a bold color palette to bring it all together. And the abundance of house plants softens the edges to make it look seamless.

Three-Dimensional Flair

The textural rug, with its antique-inspired motif and dramatic texture, is a clear focal point in this soothing living room. The bright window showcases the sleek woven background beneath the raised wool pile on the rug while illuminating the earthy abstract art behind the soft. With an earthy color palette, this room lightens the mood with the white sofa, throw pillow, and window treatment. And the casual stack of books by the accent chair gives the room an inviting, lived-in look.

Boho Living Room Decor Ideas
Organic Coastal Living Room Decor Ideas

Cool and Coastal

It’s hard to beat a relaxing coastal living room, even if you live in a landlocked area. This space uses a beachy color palette of sandy earth tones paired with blue accents and tropical greenery to set the stage. The textured, sand-toned rug anchors the look, while the understated accent pillows and throw blanket make it more inviting. Finally, the beaded bamboo door curtain gives the space a playful appeal while creating an artful transition between rooms.

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L-Shaped Couch in the Living Room

Calming White

White living room decor is popular around the world right now for its versatility. It makes spaces appear larger, cleaner, brighter, and more uplifting. And it’s a break from the visual overstimulation that we see everywhere else, from our phones to the television to digital billboards and beyond. What better way to relax than giving your eyes (and your mind) a literal break when you spend time in the room? And the white rug on the floor features a viscose and wool fiber blend, which catches the light and adds a luminous look.

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Sofa Goals

It’s hard not to love a good L-shaped sofa or sectional, and this room does a great job of embracing the look. With somewhat limited square footage, this living room design neatly fits the couch, tables, and media console together without creating a cluttered look. The floating shelves take advantage of the vertical space, providing room to display accents, and the floor-to-ceiling windows create an open effect. If your window situation isn’t as fortunate, you might try a chandelier or a few more floor lamps to brighten the space. And a high-and-wide placement for any curtains.

White Living Room Decor Ideas

Music Room Decor Ideas

Music Lover's Escape

With a collection of records beneath a record player and an acoustic guitar by the window, this living room doubles as a musical escape. By designating space for the things you love, like playing and listening to music, you encourage yourself to practice your hobbies. And as an added benefit, it gives your living area more character and personality, which will make it more memorable to your guests.

Excellent Accents Living Room Decor Ideas

Excellent Accents

From the textured rug to the statement piece couch, this well-executed living room is full of character. The textured throw pillows on the couch, plus the artwork displayed above it, expand on the appeal of the artistic handmade rug. The couch itself is the focal point of the room, however, and the rest of the accents in this space balance the bold color to give it an inviting appeal. If you’re going for something similar, don’t forget to include a range of accents to keep things interesting.

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Vintage Charm

Vintage-inspired living rooms and seating areas have a distinct charm that’s hard to argue with. Here, the artwork on the wall serves as the focal point in the room, with natural lighting a centered positioning on the wall. The couch, accent chair, throw blanket, end table, and large plant rely on natural textures, creating visual interest and texture variation. And the Persian-inspired rug is designed with a well-loved distressed finish, complete with purposefully omitted yarns, to complete the look.

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Vintage Inspired Living Room Decor Ideas
Painterly Pattern Living Room Decor Ideas

Eclectic Boho

Boho style is all about breaking the rules, but this room seems to use the rules to its advantage. From the tall tropical plants to the feminine color palette on the shag rug, this living area has it all. The eclectic combination of a green velvet accent chair, grey sectional, and glam coffee table seem to work perfectly in this living room. And the seating arrangement both encourages conversation while still being a great space for movie night.

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Painterly Patterns

This open concept living room placement beside a statement fireplace creates a cozy zone to relax, talk, and unwind. And with a distinctive area rug adding a work of art to the floor, the living room comes to life with splashes of moody indigo and vibrant color against its neutral background. These colors add a welcome dose of life to this otherwise neutral space, giving the living area character and personality.

Eclectic Living Room Decor Ideas
Image Via Paisley and Sparrow
Pinks accents in the living room

Artistically Yours

The overall style of this living room is masterfully put together using the artwork, rug, and accents throughout the space. Overdyed and oversized, the area rug accommodates the large sectional couch, centering the seating area and making it more inviting. And the side table seems to sprout up from this vintage design, adding to the appeal. Meanwhile, the inky artwork continues the contrast created by the fireplace to the side of the room.

Pink Palette

The power of paint is undeniable in this seating area. The rose-toned couch seems to emanate a pink glow onto the walls and ceiling, creating a warm and gentle appeal. And the large leafy plants provide a complementing green tone to balance the pink, keeping it from overwhelming the space. The paint also ties in the palette of the rug, which features both warm and cool tones in its traditional design.

Modern and Abstract Living Room Decor Ideas

Book Lover's Paradise Reading Nook

Book Lover’s Paradise

It’s hard not to want to curl up in this plush chair, click on the lamp, and spend the night you’re your favorite book. The modern fireplace and spacious accent table center this arrangement even though it’s part of a larger open space. Pairing a comfy reading chair with an eye-catching lamp is one of the easiest ways to convey comfort in the living room, especially if you add a well-placed throw blanket. Note how the living area here uses a blue throw to differentiate the pace’s color palette from the other visible areas.

No Fuss Rustic  - Living Room Design Tips


Modern rustic styling with a hint of farmhouse decor is a good, no-fuss look for any living room. We love the textured natural fiber area rug, just large enough to tie the seating area together. And don’t forget the reclaimed chest that’s serving as an end table while adding a gentle splash of color. Try using durable, natural fibers and one or two pieces of vintage furniture in your living room for a similar no-fuss appeal.

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We hope our living room decor ideas have inspired you to show your space some love. With so many living room ideas for styles, colors, furniture types, and home decor to choose from, there’s something for everyone. And if you need more living room decor ideas, we invite you to browse our selection of living room decor for more inspiration.


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