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Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas 

Interior design is getting more and more popular, but what many don't realize is that interior design can also connect to exterior design. Whether it's the landscaping, how you lay out your back yard, or your outdoor patio, there are a lot of different outdoor spaces that can be designed with the same principles as the indoors. But it can be difficult to know where to begin with outdoor design, so here are some of our favorite outdoor patio decor ideas and general design tips for your patio.

Boho Outdoors - Outdoor Patio Decor

Boho Outdoors

If you love chic, welcoming Boho style, then you can easily carry that style to your patio too. The key is to mix natural elements, tones, and textures together. The dark rattan chairs, the woven pouf, and the tassel rug all add in those Boho elements and create an air of fun. When you're creating your Boho patio, be sure to not only mix up those natural textures, but be sure to add in some fun patterns and textures with pillows and plantlife. Add in some string lights from the ceiling and you have a boho patio that can be enjoyed any time of the day.

Tropical Whimsy

The plants you place in your backyard have a huge impact on the style, but so does the furniture you choose. To go with this jungle vibe, the table and chairs have simple, clean cut lines and limited ornamentation to fit into that style. Whichever style you go for in your background, remember that every single piece you choose can impact the style, and so can what you choose to leave out of the backyard. Minimalism can speak louder than clutter with design.

Tropical Whimsy - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Pattern Mixing - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Pattern Mixing

Pattern mixing can be intimidating, but one key way to do it right is to work with coordinating colors. The coral red and gray/blue pillows borrow colors from the rug, so even though they follow different patterns, they go together. Another way to unify your patio decor is to follow a motif or theme; in this case, geometric shapes are a common point with the rug, pillows, and even the coffee tables and accent pieces.

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Graded on a Curve - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Traditional Retreats

To create a traditional, French country patio, incorporate classic wood benches and chairs along with an abundance of flowers. The flowers surrounding the chairs will add an air of sophistication to your patio and incorporate bright colors to contrast the natural woods and neutral color palette. Using neutral colors like beige in the pillows, blankets, and rug(s) adds to the classy tone and solidify the space as something not only beautiful, but also warm and welcoming.

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Graded on a Curve

Oftentimes when placing furniture, it's easy to place it along walls and call it a day. Instead of following that approach, angle your furniture and have it out in open areas. This sofa is placed well because it faces both the chair and the beach; if it was placed along the back wall, the seat's occupants would only be looking at the beach and not the person in the chair. Angling your furniture like this gives you more opportunity to direct the focus and create a casual vibe by being different from the norm.

Traditional Retreats - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Elevate Your Design - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Elevate Your Design

If you do have a wall somewhere in your patio, hanging something on it is a perfect way to add in patio decor. One thing to keep in mind when decorating any space, though, is that you don't want just one tall element and that's it--you want to add in other pieces of visual interest with that same height throughout the space. This room has that covered with its french doors and windows, but it also wisely incorporates that tall lamp so that the butterfly isn't the only interesting decor at that height. Follow the same principles in your patio to create a stunning space.

Complement the Architecture - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Complement the Architecture

What's not to love about a hammock in the patio?? Aside from setting a relaxing, inviting mood, this hammock actually serves the larger purpose of complimenting the architecture. The curve of the hammock refers back to the arches, and the arches connect back to the hammock, rounded chair, and even the pots. Whether you have arches or more traditional straight lines, you can choose furniture and accents to compliment those shapes and create a cohesive patio.

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Shaping Up

Setting up three sets of chairs like this patio does is a natural formation that fits into a lot of spaces. However, since the setup of chairs is so square, adding in an oval rug like this one is the perfect opportunity to add some levity to the space. Rigid angles can sometimes make a space feel too formal and uptight, but by adding in rounder, softer edges, the entire space softens up and feels far more welcoming.

Shaping Up - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Modern Mindset - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Modern Mindset

Modern and contemporary design both love the arts, and while you may not have artwork on the walls of your patio, you can incorporate that love of art into the furniture you use in your patio. Seats like these create a contemporary style because of their eclectic placement, differing heights, varying colors, and love of geometric shapes. While you don't need to buy these exact chairs to create a modern patio, you can find furniture that fits those descriptors and create your own artful patio.

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Tell Your Story - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Bold Choices

When you have a patio surrounded by nature, it's a bold choice to have your patio so different stylistically from the nature right next to it. This patio uses dark blues, grays, and blacks to contrast against all the greenery over the railing, and it's all the more dramatic for it. However, it's not a complete disconnect, since it has plants on the porch and a well-placed leafy pillow. When you choose a stark color palette like this one, be sure to subtly reference back to the nature next door, and even though the two stylistically may feel different, they'll at least have common ground with some elements.

Tell Your Story

Nothing quite screams "beach house" quite like this beachy rug. As opposed to going the subtle route with blues and tans, this rug takes the opportunity to create a full beach scene with unparalleled artistic flair. Subtlety certainly has its place in design, but whether your patio is by the beach, in the mountains, or in the desert, think about fully committing to your landscape by using a rug depicting a scene, rather than a traditionally patterned rug.

Bold Choices - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Bolder Still - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Bolder Still

Adding in hide rugs to any space is a great way to differentiate your space. Because of their unique shape, they often stand out more compared to traditional rectangular or round rugs. There are plenty of animal patterns to choose from, but if you do choose a zebra print like this one, choose furniture to accentuate it. Going with black chairs and table will accent the black stripes, and if you choose furniture with simple lines, that will further highlight the detailing of the zebra print.

The Perfect Match - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Go Big And Stay Home

Aside from being playful with the colors, you can also establish your patio with an oversized rug. Oftentimes, rugs are smaller and placed in front of the furniture or underneath just the front legs, but by going with a bigger rug, you cement your furniture on the rug and create a bigger patio space. This technique works best if your patio is on the lawn or on concrete, so that it isn't overwhelming smaller spaces.

The Perfect Match

Neutral color schemes may be popular right now, but there's still plenty of fun and trendy ways to design with color. If you choose a rug with multiple colors like this one, find a way to incorporate those colors into big parts of your patio to make a statement. Sure, you could go with a neutral sectional with blue pillows to nicely fit into the scheme, but if you like vibrant style, bring in the blue as the actual cushions themselves. Then, add in accents with the other colors, such as the gray pillows, bright yellow vase, and the lemons on the table. Bringing in all the colors throughout the space is a trendy way to brighten up your patio.

Go Big And Stay Home - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas
Chairside Accents - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Form and Function

Aside from the obvious beauty that a rug adds to the space, you should be aware that outdoor rugs are made to withstand the elements. They're also more fade resistant, so you can choose rugs without worrying about the sun doing any damage to it. Be sure to shop for outdoor patio rugs specifically if your patio is even partially exposed to the elements. That way, you don't have to worry about compromising function for beauty's sake.

Chairside Accents

When setting up your seating at 90 degree angles, you're bound to have some open gaps in the corner spaces and right next to the chairs. Instead of leaving those spaces vacant, use it as an opportunity to add in either beauty or practicality (or both). Adding in a small table obviously has its practical uses for holding drinks, cell phones, and other items, while adding in a large vase on the ground serves to add beauty. You can choose items that are a part of the same seating set, or add in some additional style with pieces that compliment the seats but don't match 100%.

Form and Function - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Hue-gly Awesome - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Hue-gly Awesome

When your patio is so largely defined by the hues of the walls and ceiling, it makes sense to play into that with your furniture, rugs, and accents. The reds on the wood inspired the other reds in the room, like the terracotta rug, reddish/orange pillows, blanket, and coral coffee table. When working with one color family, be sure to not just limit yourself to one shade of that color; like this room, go with multiple shades and tones so that the space isn't one-noted.

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Minimal Accessorizing, Maximum Comfort - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Establish Your Space

Rugs don't just need to belong in seating areas; they fit perfectly well underneath your outdoor dining too. A rug that extends longer on either side of the table like this one serves as an invitation to walk on over and join a space where you're meant to fellowship over food. Then, as it goes further beyond the table, it invites you into a lovely yard to take a stroll, play some games, or just bond. So choose a rug intentionally for both its design and size so that you can place it for optimal effect.

Minimal Accessorizing, Maximum Comfort

Outdoor spaces are supposed to be spaces where you can get away from life's complications and drama and be refreshed. Just like the outdoors itself can strip away anything nonessential, following this principle with your furniture and accessories helps create a space that just exists. By going with a simple sofa, rug, just two pillows, and one side table, this minimal space serves its purpose of getting you outside and into a space that's refreshing. Whatever your space looks like, don't feel like you need to overcomplicate it--keep it simple and sincere.

Establish Your Space - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Cooly Crooked - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas


Just because it's common to center a table on a rug doesn't mean that you need to. Placing it off closer to one side than the other will show off the rug better, especially if that rug has larger designs as opposed to subtle patterns that run throughout it. The table and chairs being crooked on the rug also adds extra attention to it, and once your eye is on it, you're even more floored by the design. Consider this layout for your outdoor patio dining area to be unconventional and fun with your design.

Modern Tastes - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Modern Tastes

When trying to create a sleek, modern patio, you'll want to use furniture that has clean cut lines and stark colors. This set is a perfect example with its white cushions and black framing. However, to add life to your modern patio, choose a rug that has a single bright color in it. Avoid distressed rugs or eclectic patterns on it; you want a space to feel clean and sophisticated, so going with a patterned rug with very limited color palette is a perfect way to create a modern patio.

Beautiful Bamboo - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Beautiful Bamboo

Bamboo furniture is great because it plays well with so many different design styles. You can use it with jungle settings with a lot of greenery, or it can fit well in tropical beaches and poolside settings. Bamboo furniture also mixes well with different styles of rugs, and so choosing the right rug can help connect that bamboo to whatever style you're trying to encapsulate.

The Star of the Show - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Tie it Together

When you have a sprawling patio with multiple spaces, connect those spaces together with color scheme and/or style. This sitting area connects well to the patio's dining area with the greens and reds at the table. The dining chairs and sitting chairs may not be made of the same material, but they do connect with color and tone. You can use both style and color to connect the spaces, or limit yourself to connecting the colors or just the styles. No matter the case, find some commonalities so that your patio feels unified.

The Star of the Show

With every show, there's the star, and there's the supporting cast. If you have architectural features like this stone wall, let those natural elements be the undisputed star of the area. Notice that nothing is hung on this wall, because that would detract from the wall itself. Even the furniture is placed a little bit away from the wall and is extremely simply designed so that the wall stands out more. Don't be afraid to go simple in other areas of your patio when you have something to highlight/show off.

Tie it Together - Outdoor Patio Decor Ideas

Just like the inside of your house, your outdoor patio and backyard have unlimited potential to becoming a space that reflects your personal style. When it comes to outdoor patio decor, remember the importance of every element, from the furniture to the side tables, from the rugs to the pillows, every piece of decor you include should be intentional towards creating your style and supporting what you want the space to be.


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