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Modern Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Every room of the house is important, but the bedroom is a particularly sacred place. When you enter your bedroom, you should feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and at peace. Going with a modern styled bedroom is a classy way to create a space that's meaningful to you and serves to refresh your body and spirit. But how do you go about creating a modern bedroom? Check out some examples below and enjoy our tips and tricks for decorating and designing a modern bedroom.

Eye Level Design - Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design By Patricia Davis Brown Designs

Eye Level Design

Picking out artwork can be hard, and if not done correctly, it can throw the entire room off balance. One alternative to hanging traditional artwork is to let your headboard be the statement of the room. With a high headboard like this, you not only add drama to the room, but you also eliminate the need to decorate above the bed. However, when you have a tall headboard like this, make sure you have other accents or architecture around the same height. This can be tall windows, hanging lights, or sconces on the walls beside the headboard. There are plenty of choices out there, but you do want to make sure you don't leave the room with one tall item and leave it at that.

Natural & Neutral

Different Focal Point

The bed is almost always the focal point of the bedroom. When you enter into the room, it's often the first thing that you see, and it's often centered on the wall. However, the bed doesn't have to be the center of attention. If you have a fireplace in the room, allow that to be the focal point and place the bed off to one of the sides. If your setup is a lot like this one, where you have a window next to the fireplace, place some sort of decoration above the mantle; the space would look unnaturally empty if you didn't have something close to the same height as the window next to it. You can choose items that really fit into the modern design and add in contemporary bedroom decor to nail in the style.

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Natural & Neutral

Modern design is many things, but two design aspects that modern style loves is neutral colors and natural elements. You can see all the ways neutral tones are included in this room; they actually dominate the space, with only a few other colors like the green plants and red blanket in the room. Notice that there are several different wood tones throughout the room, including the painted wood on the ceiling. Don't be afraid to mix and match woods in your bedroom, and be sure to work in a neutral color palette for a soothing, modern vibe.

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Different Focal Point
Bold Choices - Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Affordable Interior Designs

Bold Choices

Contemporary design in particular loves vibrant colors in limited doses. It also enjoys artwork, and so the best way to put together a contemporary bedroom is to do both at the same time. Choose a piece of art that you enjoy for its content, color, backstory--whatever. Then, use the colors from that art to dictate what accents you'll use in the rest of the room. Remember, let the colors be the accents as opposed to the main color scheme of the walls and bedding; too much color will overwhelm the senses and take away from the statement artwork.

Geometrics - Bedroom Decor Ideas


Another design that modern style loves to highlight is anything that features geometry. It's a simple plan, but if you add in pillows with various geometric shapes, you're well on your way to having a modern styled bed. Make sure that the pillows are in the same color family however, and when stacking them, start with the largest pillows along the headboard. As you come forward, go smaller with your pillows or at least shorter with how you have them lined up, until you have just one singular pillow at the front.

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Matchy is Catchy

Matchy is Catchy

When it comes to stylizing a space, some people are afraid of buying the entire set, because it could be too "matchy." If you enjoy an eclectic vibe, I can certainly see where you're coming from, but there's no inherent problem with buying a matching furniture set. This set in particular fits in with the modern tone because of its neutral colors, natural wood tones, and clean cut lines. Consider those three factors when looking for your own bedroom set, and then add in other colors as you see fit.

Platform For Change

It's so easy for dirt and other items to get lost underneath the bed.Thankfully, modern and contemporary design both see the appeal of platform beds: beds that are either completely on the ground or slightly above it. Less gets stuck underneath them, and they're easier to climb in and out of. Platform beds can be made in many different styles, but to stick with a modern design, choose those neutral colors and simple lines again. Go contemporary with unique bedding, pillows, and artwork for a modern contemporary design.

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Platform For Change
Design By Affordable Interior Designs
Design By Affordable Interior Designs

White is Wise

White is becoming more and more common in design, and that's for good reason. We all have flashbacks to the seventies and eighties when colors were bold, daring, and...well, dated by today's standards. Just because white is a popular wall color now doesn't mean that rooms are devoid of color. White actually serves well to compliment whatever color scheme you choose. This room uses pinks and reds, and as you can see, the walls almost have a pink tone to them because of reflecting the rug and the lights. You can create a modern bedroom with your own color scheme in a blank white room, and the colors you choose will be all the more stunning.

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Rustic Modern - Bedroom Decor Ideas

Rustic Modern

Aside from being intentional with your furniture, you need to consider if and how you'll add a rug to the room. Placing a cowhide rug like this in the center of the room establishes a clear walkway and also connects the two sides of the room. Adding in a cowhide rug doesn't take away from the modern aesthetic; in this case, it actually adds to it! Choose a rug that is clean cut and simple, and try to tie it to other furniture in the room with its color. This one connects well to the bed, because both have a natural beige tone to them. You can follow this same principle, or if your furniture is a bit darker, choose a darker rug to play off of it.

Welcome to the Jungle - Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design By Patricia Davis Brown Designs

Your Space

Whenever you stylize a space, remember that its primary purpose isn't to be on the front cover of a magazine. The purpose is to be lived in. So, include what you need in the room and what's meaningful to you in particular. Having a small light on a nightstand is handy, and so is having a nice rug beneath your feet when you wake up in the morning. One other thing though is that your space should reflect who you are, what your values are, and what you like. If you do include artwork, find something meaningful to you, such as a photo you took while traveling, art that a friend created, or something else.

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Welcome to the Jungle

It's amazing how one accent can set the tone for the whole room. This rug, for example, is reminiscent of the jungle with its colors and leaves and helps create a dynamic contemporary bedroom. Through the lens of the rug, you can see other subtle nods to the jungle, whether it be in the green/blue curtains or the hanging lights that have details like vines. You can choose a theme for a modern bedroom, but no matter which theme you choose, be intentional in which pieces you include, and don't be overly overt in connecting everything. At the end of the day, subtlety is the way to go.

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Your Space - Bedroom Decor Ideas

Modern Boho - Bedroom Decor Ideas

Modern Boho

Boho style is often known for being eclectic and sometimes cluttered, but paired with modern design, you get the vibes of boho without the excessive accessories. Go with those earthy tones and textures to create a boho style, and then incorporate clean lines and geometry to fit in with modern design. Bringing in plants is another smart move, whether they be real or faux. Consider modern boho to fit hand in hand with minimal boho; be intentional with what items you include, what textures and tones they have, and you'll create a modern boho bedroom that fits your style.

Whether you solely love modern design or enjoy blending it with other styles, there are plenty of opportunities for you to create a modern bedroom specific for you. Just remember the key tenets of modern design: neutral colors, natural woods, and clean lines. However, remember that a bedroom is a space for you to enjoy, so stylize it to meet your style and your needs. At the end of the day, that's what it's all about.


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