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Large Living Room Decor Ideas

Large living rooms are wonderful to work with, but they offer a few decorating challenges. Oversized rooms can seem like echo chambers if they aren't decorated with attention to scale and proportion. You also need to determine how to use the extra space to advantage - do you want to create cozy conversation areas or keep things on a grand scale? 

Warming up with Color - Large Living Room Ideas

Keeping Your Eye on the Horizon

The placement of everything from furniture to accessories is important in a large living room. In this room, keeping wall decor at eye level or lower brings an intimacy to the room rather than over-emphasizing the soaring vertical lines of the wall. Use a rug with vertical stripes as a contrast to the walls. Keep size in mind as well - this rug defines the seating area within the room, with furniture grouped around a table to create intimacy.

Warming Up with Color

Use a patterned rug in a rich color palette to define the seating area in a large living room. White walls and curtains recede to allow the furnishings to take center stage while filling the room with light. When decorating a large room, oversized plants can provide some greenery and fill an otherwise empty space you're not sure what to do with. Create harmony by using accents in colors pulled from the rug for a lovely composition that gives the large living room a cozy feel, such as the throw pillows and ottoman in this airy but intimate room.

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Keeping Your Eye on the Horizon - Large Living Room Ideas
Shifting Focus - Large Living Room Design Ideas

Shifting Focus

Avoid a cavernous feel in a large living room by shifting the focus away from one element. The ornate mirror and side table here are lovely, but by shifting the furniture grouping to one side, you avoid the feeling of looking at them down a long hallway. Breaking the line of sight occasionally keeps the eyes moving. A clear acrylic table allows a clear view of the richly patterned carpet. The neutral colors and aged appearance are the ideal foil for the white upholstery.

Emphasize the Size

When you want to emphasize the dramatic height of a room, add an impressive ceiling fixture. This simple but elegant, circular brass chandelier draws the eye upward. The airy design keeps it from being oppressive and emphasizes the spare beauty of the room. Use elements at varying heights to keep the eye from lingering in any one zone. Here, the chandelier is near the ceiling, a sophisticate mirror highlights the fireplace at mid-level, and the rug adds interest to the floor.

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Emphasize the Size - Large Living Room Design Ideas
An Eye for the Bold - Large Living Room Design Ideas

Understated Floral

Understated decor and a distinct floral theme give this room a soothing appeal, keeping the look gentle and elegant. If you love the look of floral patterns but you shy away because you don’t want to make your space overwhelming, this approach might be the perfect fit. This living room uses a soft color palette with neutral tones like grey and brown mixed in. The floral rug and artwork add color and visual energy without breaking the aesthetic.

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Contrast is Key

A large living room can seem boring without enough contrast, so pile on contrasting textures, patterns, and finishes. To avoid being overwhelming, unify the look by keeping a muted color palette. The rug has plenty of texture and a bold, geometric design that contrasts with the smooth marble fireplace and stacking tables. A hammered metal end table and raffia planter add interest as well.

Contrast is Key - Large Living Room Design Ideas

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Less is More - Large Living Room Design Ideas

Less is More

Large spaces call for elements that relate to each other in some way. To avoid creating a mishmash, keep details to a minimum. In this room, the rug is the focal point with a vivid pattern that appears three-dimensional. A white room with white furniture keeps things breezy, with carefully curated accents such as a few pillows and a painting featuring colors found in the large area rug. When furniture is arranged for maximum interaction, as with the L-shaped arrangement of the sofa and loveseat, less is more.


Consider making an oversized room more functional by using furnishings that are easy to rearrange at a moment's notice. The focus here is a collection of funky, pastel ottomans that can be endlessly reconfigured with ease. The rug has varying textures and colors for a patchwork effect that adds to the casual vibe while defining the conversation area. Once again, artwork and decor is kept at eye level or lower to keep the space from being overwhelming.

Repeat Yourself - Large Living Room Design Ideas

Repeat Yourself

A large living room can appear disjointed, but repeating a few elements throughout the space ties everything together. Emphasize a distinctive feature, such as lovely architectural arches, by repeating them with a painted niche on an adjoining wall and incorporating artwork echoing the curves. By choosing a simple color palette and using it in various ways, such as this patterned rug, throw pillows, and the prints, you create a room that is harmonious.

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White Done Right - Large Living Room Decorating Tips

White Done Right

When you want to fully utilize a larger living room, spacing out the furniture is an option as long as it doesn't feel like each piece is floating unmoored in the room. In this softly elegant space, the pale sofa and matching ottoman are connected by the coordinating rug they each touch, but don't sit on. Make white walls interesting with the addition of architectural details like crown moldings and pilasters. Symmetrical clusters of artwork avoid fussiness on walls that already contain books and windows when you use deep matting and simple frames.

Artistic Focus

When decorating a large room, you're usually faced with at least one expanse of blank wall. A large canvas can fill the space with movement and create the color palette for the entire room. The abstract art in this room is a complex blend of colors that is deceptively simple at first glance. Styling the room around the artwork's colors increase the coziness of the space, creating a line from wall to sofa to rug. A few pops of contrasting color such as black and gold add depth.

Artistic Focus - Large Living Room Decorating Tips
Mixing It Up - Large Living Room Decorating Tips

Taming the Beast

If you long to use a bold animal print but aren't sure how to do it without going overboard, this room is a great example. A leopard print chair and accent pillow add interest without becoming kitschy because they enhance rather than overwhelming a muted color palette. A pale sofa and touches of blue and turquoise in the room provide a lovely backdrop. Use a rug with all the colors in the room in a complex, abstract floral to pull it all together.

Mixing It Up

Add an unexpected color to an otherwise neutral room to give it complexity. In this room, a vibrant blue adds dimension to room filled with soothing earth tones. The bold blue rug and soothing mountain art tie together beautifully. When you aren't sure how to combine styles, take a cue from this room, which strikes a balance between the rustic wood wall and modern brass light fixture with aplomb using contemporary furniture and textured accent pieces.

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Mixing It Up - Large Living Room Decorating Tips
Pink Living Room Decor Ideas

Lovely in Layers

Yes, layering rugs is a thing, particularly in large living rooms. To create an intimate conversation area, throw a small, patterned rug over a larger, solid color rug. For the best effect, contrast both colors and textures. The smooth print rug contrasts with the highly textured cream rug to clearly define space. If you love a tonal palette like this one, compensate with layers of texture. Textured throw pillows, woven stools, and a linen sofa add depth while echoing the colors in the rug.

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For Your Viewing Pleasure

Let the view and the space take center stage in room with floor to ceiling windows by choosing just two colors. This rug provides a foundation with loads of texture that invite bare feet without overwhelming the spare look of the room. Choose furniture that mimics the color of the wood ceiling and log tables to keep the eyes moving around the room, ending at the windows. Placing the chairs directly opposite the windows rather than angling them reinforces that the star of the show is the view.

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Lounge Decor Ideas  - Large Living Room Decorating Tips
Away from the Walls - Large Living Room Decorating Tips

Soft Focus

Emphasize an amazing view by framing it properly. Here, the angular windows comes into sharp focus because the room is filled with soft features. Rounded and curved shapes abound and textures are plush. The hazy shades of gray, salmon, and cream reinforce the dreaminess. Framing the window with a tall plant and a stylish lamp as well as the lack of window coverings emphasize the beauty of the view.

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Away from the Walls

Moving furniture away from the walls helps create a defined socializing area while framing features such as this beautifully staged fireplace. Use a softly patterned rug to help define seating areas in large living rooms, then use strategically placed accents,, including greenery, throughout the room to tie everything together. Impressive windows deserve to be their own focal points; fill window seats with cushions to create reading nooks.

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Soft Focus - Large Living Room Decorating Tips

Exercising Restraint - Large Living Room Decorating Tips

Exercising Restraint

Open shelving in a large room allows you to display lots of smaller treasures in one place to avoid the clutter of too many knicknacks scattered about the space. Use focused lighting like these black, wall-mounted lights to highlight them. Touches of black in the art prints and cabinet knobs add some punch in a room of soft neutrals. Pull it all together with a luxurious oriental-style rug in restrained neutrals touched with navy and gold. When you choose a rug with this much detail, it can be the only print in the room.

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Spare Serenity - Large Living Room Decorating Tips

Spare Serenity

Picture windows can be all the art you need in a large room, keeping the focus on the natural beauty outside. Spare furnishings in light, neutral shades create an oasis of calm without competing with the view. Use black judiciously to highlight features like a fireplace and echo the black framing around the windows.

Faking It by Making It - Large Living Room Decorating Tips

Faking It by Making It

If your budget doesn't allow for an intricately carved, beamed ceiling, create the illusion of one with trompe l'oeil painting. The remarkable, 3D look shown here is achieved by mimicking the way light hits carved Chevrons. The dimensional effect is repeated in the deeply carved armoire. When working with imposing details like these, choose a rug that holds its own, as with this rug that uses bold stitching and dimensional color to add to the room's multi-dimensional appeal.

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Harmonious Hues - Large Living Room Decorating Tips

Harmonious Hues

For a cozy feeling in a large space, be sure to use details to create an oasis that's inviting and soothing. Here, soft shades of blue move from rug to pillow and throw to artwork, framing an overstuffed loveseat that entices you to sink into the softness. Use a linear pattern such as the fish print in the rug to create a literal path to comfort. Placing it slightly off-center keeps things casual.

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Earthy and Organic

Organic decor focuses on natural fibers, colors, and textures. Create an organic seating area by choosing a natural sisal or jute rug with a woven pattern, then build on it with pale neutrals such as a wicker couch and seagrass candle lanterns. Add colors drawn from nature as accents, such as these throw pillows in the pastes tints of a sunset. Add lots of plants in natural pots of terra cotta and stone to complete the organic feel and liven the space with varying shades of green.

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Earth and Organic Large Living Room Decor Ideas

Boho and Bold - Large Living Room Decorating Tips

Boho and Bold

Boho decor is ideal for larger spaces. To get the look, don't hesitate to pile on the colors and patterns. This room pulls from rich autumnal shades of gold, green, pumpkin, and chocolate. In Boho decor, more is more. They key to success in a large living room is using large-scale furniture like this oversized sofa and bold prints such as the alternating stripes in the rug and throw pillows. Add natural features like the rattan peacock chair and kiln-fired pottery massed with lots of tropical plants. Any door can become a design element when you paint it in bright colors against white walls.

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From how you group your furniture to how you define areas within the larger space, keep the size of the room in mind. The right size furnishings, the number of decorative elements, and the strategic use of floor coverings all contribute to creating a harmonious whole. Successful large living room ideas preserve the feeling of spaciousness while integrating personality and comfort into the room.


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