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Green Bedroom Decor Ideas 

When it comes to designing your bedroom, you may feel a little green behind the gills. There's a lot that goes into designing an effective space, and sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. One way you can start to think about it is deciding which color(s) you want in the room. The good news is, many colors are versatile and fit a lot of different design styles. Green in particular is one color that fits in the most traditional rooms to the most modern ones, and anywhere in between. Here are some tips on how to decorate your bedroom with green as a primary or accent color.

Earthy Greens - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas

Earthy Greens

There are so many different shades of green to work with, but one way to decide which greens you want in your room is to establish a theme. This room's accents already have very earthy furniture pieces and wood floors, so it's natural to include earthy greens into the accents. And, of course, to solidify a natural, earthy theme, you can add in some plants. Whether those plants are real or not is up to you, but they will act perfectly to tie in the natural wood tones and earthy greens into an outdoors vibe.

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Bold Choices

If green is your favorite color and you want it to be the primary color of the room, say no more! Going with green walls is a perfectly valid and classy way to dress up your master bedroom. Emerald green in particular is a classy choice that can be used on all the walls, or you can turn it into an accent wall with its own unique panelling. If you're worried about the bedroom feeling too dark, using the dark emerald on just the accent wall is a good solution to incorporating your favorite color without overwhelming the room. Then, you can paint the other walls a lighter shade of green to maintain the green walls but make the space feel lighter and larger.

Bold Choices - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas

Green and Gray - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas

Green and Gray

When working with a specific color, you may want to mix it into a color scheme with neutral colors. This room mixes gray and green as the two main colors, and then accents the room with light touches of white and black. The green and gray go well in this room because they have the same matte finishes and vibrancy. When you're working to create your color palette, make sure the colors balance with one another--for example, you wouldn't have neon green and light, light gray. Find that happy medium by comparing color swatches and placing them side by side to see how they compliment each other.

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Newborn Haven

Nurture and soothe your newborn baby with a harmonious blend of green hues in their nursery. The light green walls embrace tranquility and growth while the dark green doors add a touch of depth and contrast. Create an inviting and cozy space for your little one for years to come.

Set Your Vibe - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas

Follow the Pattern

A panelled green wall isn't the only option for an accent wall--not by a long shot! Wallpapers are becoming a trend again, since they are easier to apply now. Using green wallpaper is an awesome way to both create an accent wall and include your favorite color. However, when using a pattern, keep in mind that you don't want other elements of the room to compete with it. so, keep the furniture by the wallpaper simple or in the same theme. The dresser and nightstand here are clearly simple, and so is the headboard. The bedding gets away with being a bit more detailed because the style fits well with the damask pattern of wallpaper. You can include detail like that in your bedroom, or you can go for a more basic bed set for an even more eye-catching wall.

Set Your Vibe

When it comes to minimal bedrooms, you really want the bare minimum with items and accessories. Choosing a rug that includes a pop of color is a great way to add detail to the room without adding any clutter. This rug in this room clearly adds in an element of whimsy with its curly lines and bright green flowers and leaves and helps set a fun but classy tone. Whatever vibe you're going for, remember that being intentional with your rug helps set the tone and add color to a minimal room.

Follow the Pattern - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas
Wallpaper by Walls By Me

Modern Victorian - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image By Hunker

Modern Victorian

Older Victorian homes are filled with lavishly patterned wallpapers that just scream elegance. Daring to use patterned wallpaper throughout the entire bedroom may seem daunting, but the results can be quite stunning. To keep the room from feeling too dated, incorporate modern bedding and accents, such as the round copper mirror on the wall. However, since the wallpaper is such a huge part of the design, be sure to have a few accents that tie back to the classy wallpaper, such as the striped blinds and the dated wall art hanging above the bed. Filling the room with only modern pieces makes it seem like you're ignoring the wallpaper, so you want the wallpaper to have some influence on the accents you put throughout your room.

Safari Style - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Patricia Davis Brown Designs

Safari Style

There are plenty of greens to admire in rainforests and tropical areas. Incorporating a bright tropical green rug with palm leaf details is a fun way to introduce a rainforest or tropical element to your bedroom design. Place it centered underneath your king or queen bed with it extending out into the rest of the room so that the pattern is clearly seen. Then, incorporate other subtle nods to your theme through the curtains, lights, pillows, and any other artwork you want to include. However, don't oversaturate the room with specific items in the theme, or else the room will feel tacky. Be bold in establishing the theme in one area, and then allow the other areas to subtly nod to and add to the theme.

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Neutrality - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas


Neutral color palettes are another popular design choice, since the colors are easier to pair and play nicely with so many different colors. But what if you don't want to include other colors throughout the room to detract from the neutral scheme? You can certainly work with 100% neutrals, but adding in at least one plant like the hanging plant in the corner can serve as a welcome break from the scheme and add life to the room.

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Tie It Together

When incorporating any color into your bedroom, you should look for neat opportunities to use that color throughout the room. One easy way to do that is in the artwork you put on the colored wall. The green of the wall doesn't have an exact match in the painting, but both have colors that fit into the green family, and so they two play nicely off one another. In some ways, it's better to not look for shades that match exactly; you'll drive yourself crazy if you do, and if the room looks too "matchy," it can come across as insincere. Using different shades of the same color is a nice way to connect your primary colors and add interest to the space.

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Tie It Together - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas
Image By Hunker

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Maximum Minimalism - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas

Terrific Texturing

Though it's subtle in this picture, the rug does have green tones to it. It's especially obvious that it's not just gray when it's placed against a beige bed. However, there's another stylistic technique to take-away from this green bedroom: mixing different textures and patterns throughout the room is great for creating visual interest throughout the entire space. Some of the key textures in this room include the distressed rug, the cable-knit blanket, the pattern on the nightstands, the ornament above the bed, and of course, the panels on the back wall. By using so many different subtle textures and patterns in your bedroom, your eye will always rest on some beautiful detail.

Maximum Minimalism

In minimal bedrooms, we've already seen how you can incorporate green. However, make the most of it by subtly including it in your rug as well. The green pillows on the bed are darkly shaded, just like the green in the border of the rug. This rug actually ties together the whole scheme by including the dark green, white like the comforter and walls, and even brown tones. When establishing the tone of your room, look at your rug and see what color you would like to pull out of it. That will guide you towards which pillows, blankets, and accents you place around your bedroom.

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Terrific Texturing - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas

Mix It Up - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Pamela Hope Designs

Mix It Up

Teal still counts as a green color, even if it does lean into the blue family. Speaking of, mixing teals with blues and other vibrant colors is one way to create a super joyful, contemporary room. The blues/teals start in the rug beneath the bed, and then colors in that family are accented in the nightstands, lamps, and speckles in the curtains. In world where so many bedrooms are neutral with only one or two different colors, dare to be different by incorporating several different colors to decorate your bedroom exuberantly.

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Coastal Greens - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors

Coastal Greens

Green is one of the most popular colors when it comes to creating a coastal vibe in bedrooms. If you're trying to get a beachy feel, incorporate green/blue tones in your bedding, and then flourish with whites and tans. To further cement the beach theme, go with light wood furniture and add in beach textures with lamp shades and maybe an accent wall. To keep the beach theme from being tacky or overwhelming, avoid any direct decoration with seashells, beach signs, and other items; capture the essence of the beach with your color scheme for a look that is classy and airy.

Elegance - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas

Simple Statements

Green can be the primary element of the room in a lot of fabrics, like the comforter, pillows, seating, and accents. When working with green and a neutral color palette, you may want to add in a "wow" factor that's more uncommon. Well, wallpaper that carries onto the ceiling is certainly not seen in every home! This room uses textured, lined wallpaper on the walls and then allows it to fill the ceiling. Doing this in your room is a great idea if you keep other areas of the room simple with color and pattern. If you do have visual interest on the ceiling, make sure you have some sort of interest with the rug so that the room is "sandwiched" between two distinct areas.


If you have a king or California king sized bed that takes up the majority of the room, don't be afraid to add in a large rug underneath the bed. In the case of this room, you can see it achieves a classy elegance with the detailed framework, chandelier, and ornamental mirror. However, the rug underneath the bed does a good job presenting what open space there is in the room and adds in one key color and multiple other accents that serve to brighten what could have been a bland room.

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Simple Statements - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors

Cool Carpets - Green Bedroom Decor Ideas
Design by Deborah Bettcher, Decorating Den Interiors

Cool Carpets

Many bedrooms now have wood floors and rugs, but there are still so many ways to decorate a room with carpet in it. Going with green carpet is a bold choice, but it serves well for the basis of a traditional modern bedroom. Incorporate both styles by having some traditional elements, such as window valances and homemade rugs. Then, add in some modern flair with seating, lighting, and accessories. You can always lean more into one style versus the other, but make sure you're intentional with including both styles, or else one will look like an afterthought.

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Masculine meets comfort

Looking for ways to tie in a deep color scheme with plush accents? The striking decorations in this room give way for the ease of sliding in to a comfortable nights sleep. The bold lines and dark accents draw inspiration from the plush lines of the headboard offering a balance of comfort and serene. The bench also provides a comfy place to read the morning newspaper!

Nature Meets Style

Looking to add a sense of calmness to your home? Infuse your bedroom with a nature-inspired color palette by adding green accents around the room. This harmonious blend of greens and blues will transform your bedroom into a serene and inviting sanctuary for rest and relaxation.

Traditional meets Cozy

From classic plaids to rich green and gold accents. Note the beautiful bookcase full of intriguing reads along with the earthy tones of the bedding and wallpaper. The rich, harmonious blend of nature-inspired green and lavish gold accents evokes a sense of timeless beauty and tranquility, making your bedroom an inviting haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.

Airy Comfort

The bold green rug in this white bedroom with green accents perfectly fits the airy feel it's giving. The lights on each side of the bed give off warm wishes each night. Moreover, the rich hardwood floors serve as a striking backdrop, enhancing the overall allure of the green bedroom decor, and seamlessly connecting all the elements in this inviting sanctuary.

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Luxurious Bedroom

Add a touch of opulence to your bedroom with a plush green bedframe that exudes comfort and style. Enhance this centerpiece with the deep, calming tones of a dark blue comforter and a matching blue rug. The harmonious blend of colors and textures will transform your bedroom into a luxurious retreat that invites relaxation and rejuvenation.

Soft, Natural Green Room

Covert your bedroom into a space of elegance with a palette of soft, natural green hues. The walls, painted in a ight green color, provide a soothing backdrop, making the space feel fresh and calming. The slightly darker green curtains and bed frame beautifully harmonize the space, adding depth and cohesion into your room.

Modern Elegance

This room with inviting green accents will simply take your breathe away. The intriguing and plush appearance of the expansive green headboard and bed frame transports you to a contemporary, cozy bedroom adorned with understated, minimalist decor. The two nightstands really make a statement and add to the modern feel of the room. The geometric design on the rug pairs nicely with the rest of the decoration in the room.

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As you can see, there's so many different ways to decorate with green. Whether you want it as the main color in a neutral room or an additional color in a vibrant space, you can create a green bedroom that fits into your specific design style. So, be sure to study up on what you like and then go create a bedroom that you can enjoy!


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