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Farmhouse Living room decor Ideas

Farmhouse style is a timeless look that prioritizes simplicity, practicality, and rustic charm. While it tends to reflect a rural aesthetic, today's farmhouse living room ideas embrace modern comforts to create a look that's both stylish and cozy. This aesthetic is enhanced with modern farmhouse living room ideas, incorporating sleek and clean lines from contemporary design alongside the warm farmhouse aesthetic. Whether you’re going for more of a modern look or something more rural, we're here to help with decor tips and tricks to help you capture farmhouse style. So keep scrolling to see our favorite farmhouse and modern farmhouse living room ideas.

Traditional Charm Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Book Nook

This lovely modern farmhouse living room features a large, bright window with white walls to reflect the light back, creating an ethereal glow in the space. With traditional furniture, an understated vintage-style area rug, and modern wall hangings, this living room seems to invite you to sit and relax. And what better spot to do that than in a book nook? If your living room has a spare corner, you can recreate this book-lovers haven with a chair, a lamp for reading after sunset, and a stack of books. And you can make it even better by stacking the books high enough to rest your cup of coffee or tea!

Traditional Charm

Traditional farmhouse charm relies on earthy color palettes and rustic decor, and this living area has both in spades. It is warm and welcoming, perfect for an evening with friends with a hide-style chair, a polished stump end table, and a leather couch. The expansive vintage-style rug and paneled white walls bring the aesthetic together, though. And don’t forget the beautiful landscape on the wall, adding an extra dose of natural appeal and soothing colors.

Book Nook Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas
Urban Suburban Living Room Decor Ideas

Soothing Blue

Cozy chairs to sit and read a good book or just enjoy the passing of the afternoon are a staple in farmhouse interior design. If you have room to include one in your farmhouse living room, our advice would be to do it. An emphasis on exposed wood is yet another must-have in farmhouse design. And here, the chair features a beautiful deep wood tone, and it’s made comfier with a rustic throw blanket and a soothing blue pillow. The dark blue adds a hint of modern design to the space while sticking with a traditional farmhouse palette.

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Urban Suburban

An open floorplan, high ceilings, and modern design give this home’s layout a decidedly suburban appeal. Still, the decor draws inspiration from farmhouse styling. This living room would be at home in any farmhouse space with the earthy neutral color palette and traditional seating. Notice how the area rug helps define the living room, setting it apart from the rest of the open layout. And instead of a mounted buck head, this suburban space opts for artwork to put a modern spin on the classic silhouette.

Soothing Blue Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
Farmhouse Chic Living Room Decor

Farmhouse Chic

With light blue walls, a black and white southwestern-style pouf, and an elegantly textured white area rug, this chic farmhouse living room paints a beautiful picture. We love the potted cacti in the background, bringing a bit of rural farmhouse nature inside to appreciate up close. The rug features a decorative texture and elegant fringe, contrasting beautifully with the charcoal fringed throw blanket on the accent chair.

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Soft and Soothing

Farmhouse style has the potential to create a soothing environment in any space. Here, we see significant use of natural elements, such as the exposed wood grain side table and leather accent chair, paired with an earthy palette. The exquisite old-world-style area rug is what brings it all together, though, with its distressed look and soft color palette. So, if you’d like an easy way to add a touch of farmhouse style to your living room, look no further than vintage-style rugs in warm palettes like the one in this beautiful space.

Soft and Soothing Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas
Subtle Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Gently Rugged

This bright and airy living room looks like the perfect place to spend the evening catching up with a friend or on a good book, and it has definite farmhouse inspiration. The rough and rugged floor covering is made from natural fibers, bringing farmhouse colors and textures into the space. And the rest of the room’s color palette follows suit with earthy neutrals and gentle blues.

Global Inspiration

Bright and airy, this living room would fit right in with almost any farmhouse home with its subtle earthy elements. Notice the grounding effect created by the large, thin area rug throughout the space. Its earthy neutral tones go beautifully with the bench and exposed joists on the ceiling. Finally, notice the elegant display in the niche created using just a few books and a potted plant, epitomizing the no-nonsense approach of farmhouse decor.

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Gently Rugged Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

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Lovely Lounge - Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Lovely Lounge

Few can resist the siren song of a soft chaise lounge in a cozy farmhouse living room, and this space gets it right. From the vintage-style area rug to the guitar in the corner, it’s a lovely blend of farmhouse and traditional decor. The guitar in the corner by the chaise lounge adds to the aesthetic, but it’s also placed strategically. By setting your instrument near your favorite seat, you’re encouraged to pick up and play, and you’ll never forget it’s there.

Rustic Chic

This small living room is bright and cheerful, with a carefully neutral color palette broken only by the green plant life. The pouf adds a modern rustic texture while the white couch creates a chic appeal, as does the round shape of the natural fiber rug. Meanwhile, the wicker planter, exposed wood grain side table, and natural texture of the rug keep the earthy rustic feel of farmhouse decor in the room’s styling. Together, they create a perfect (and attainable) rustic chic appeal.

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Rustic Chic - Farmhouse Living Room Ideas
Movie Night - Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Movie Night

Who wouldn’t want to spend a movie night with friends or family curled up on this spacious sectional? With an inviting throw pillow arrangement complete with farmhouse-style patterns and cozy throw blankets to cover up with, it’s the perfect chill spot. Notice the contrast and modern look created by the round leather ottoman in the center, offering practicality and rustic charm. And don’t forget the understated blue area rug that ties the look together!

Rural Inspiration - Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Calm Corner

Nothing says "come relax" like a thickly cushioned chair in the corner of the living room, and this little spot gets it right. The leather accent chair and the wood stump side tables create an instant farmhouse feel. Meanwhile, the faux cow skull on the wall updates it with a gold shimmer and modern pattern. Faux hide with gold flecks can be seen on the floor, reflecting back this modern farmhouse style. Faux hides and skulls are excellent options for today’s homes since most of us don’t come across such things naturally.

Rural Inspiration

This modern living room has definite rural inspiration with the exposed wood grain, natural shapes, and earthy neutral undertones. But it comes into the modern era thanks to the contemporary-style area rug and furniture. The black and white contrast created on the area rug is reminiscent of a cowhide rug while keeping one proverbial foot firmly planted in modern styling, subtly enhancing the farmhouse look.

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Calm Corner - Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas
Wainscoting Accent - Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Elegant Farmhouse

There’s something elegant about the neutral color palettes used in farmhouse decor. It makes for some seriously inviting living rooms. The farmhouse aesthetic is solidified with the leather accent chair to the side, adding rural textures and a dose of tan to the palette. Meanwhile, the modern charcoal area rug grounds the space, adding a distressed look and a comfy pile to curl your toes into. Finally, note the use of high and wide window treatments to make the windows appear more prominent, adding to the bright and airy appeal of the space.

Wainscoting Accent

With a pine wainscoting accent wall that creates a striking focal point, this interesting living room is hard to argue with. Notice the intricate traditional area rug with intentional distressing and how it grounds the space, making room for the farmhouse aesthetic. The landscape scene on the mantle adds to the look, as does the sofa and its accents. Meanwhile, the coffee table and chandelier introduce a brushed bronze look while mirroring each other’s shapes for cohesion.

Elegant Farmhouse - Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas
Rustic Vibes Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas

Rustic Vibes

This modern farmhouse living room is centered around a large, vintage-inspired area rug that defines and anchors the space. It’s helpful to build your farmhouse living room from the ground up, starting with a distressed traditional-style rug like this one. Not only does it give you a place to start, but it can help you define the color palette for the rest of the space. And it’s a great way to create a middle path between modern furniture and rustic vibes.

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Country Reading

Nothing says rural decor like a buffalo plaid rug front and center, and in this little reading nook, it’s a perfect look. The leather chair and earthy throw pillow continue the farmhouse living room design. At the same time, the pedestal side table adds a touch of modernity to the space. And what better spot for a cozy reading nook than right beside your bookshelf?

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Country Reading Farmhouse Living Room Decor Ideas
Authentic Appeal Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Traditional Styling

Farmhouse decor often incorporates elements of traditional styling, and this area rug is an excellent example of that. With rustic accent chairs around a fireplace, the bordered traditional rug seems to transport the space back several decades into an authentic farmhouse living room. Notice the textural accents around the space and the subtle dose of color created by the artwork and red vases, enhancing the space.

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Authentic Appeal

From the skull on the mantle to the authentic cowhide area rug on the floor, this beautiful living room has a rustic antique elegance that can’t be denied. We love the white brick walls and exposed wood beams throughout the home, creating a more authentic appeal. Notice the black and white photography on the mantle beside the mounted skull, adding old-fashioned charm and a touch of gallery wall aesthetic. If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your home, we suggest creating your own fireside reading spot.

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Traditional Styling Farmhouse Living Room Ideas

Light and Airy - Farmhouse Living Room

Light and Airy

Large windows and sheer curtains can create a light and airy aesthetic in any living area, and it’s perfect for a modern farmhouse look. Here, the oriental rug design sets the mood for the farmhouse look, and the earthy neutral colorway of the pouf adds more of a rustic appeal. This is a great example of how you can bring a farmhouse look into almost any living area with just a few modifications and a simple, neutral palette.

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Farmhouse style is known for being warm and welcoming with its soothing color palette and airy tone. However, to create an even more welcoming farmhouse space, look for ways to create a cozier space. High pile shag rugs, fluffy pillows, and wool blankets all serve as beautiful visual accents and provide comfort that will not go unappreciated.

Small Spaces

The room's color palette goes a long way in making the room feel larger or smaller, but there is another crucial element to consider: lighting. The lights that you place in your room will serve to brighten the room and create the illusion of more space. One other trick to make a small living room feel larger is to use mirrors. A well placed mirror in a corner or on a wall can reflect light further throughout the room and make the room feel larger than it actually is.

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Focal Points

No matter what room you're decorating, it should have a natural focal point that the eye is drawn towards. Farmhouse living rooms like this one often highlight a fireplace or mantle as a natural accent, since fireplaces were a large part of life in old-time farmhouses. While you can line up your mantle with many different decorations and accessories, you can also show restraint and allow the fireplace's natural architecture and craftsmanship to shine as the star of the room.

Industrial Farmhouse

Industrial farmhouse style is one of the most popular options for small living rooms, loft living rooms, and apartment life. Follow in this room's example by incorporating metal into the room through the coffee table, iron trays, metallic seats, and fans. The room itself can also lean into the aesthetic with moody greys and concrete floors. If the style is leaning too heavily in an industrial style, add farmhouse decor like animal hide, skulls, and "edgier" decorations to blend farmhouse style with industrial sensibilities.

Coastal Farmhouse

Even though coastal style and farmhouse style are based on completely different settings, these two aesthetics have a lot in common. Both styles love warm, neutral tones and often decorate the room with wood, plants, and natural materials. By leaning heavily into the coastal colors with farmhouse accents and decorations, you can easily blend your two favorite styles in one space.


Even if the living room does have a fireplace, you may have grander architecture to highlight as a primary focal point. Remember the perspectives you will view the room from: from this standpoint, the lavishly decorated windows will serve as the obvious focal point. However, from the adjacent dining room, the fireplace will be in the main line of sight. Perspective is an important thing in both life and design!

DTR (Defining The Room)

Open concept layouts are becoming more popular thanks to their great design potential and socializing possibilities. In order to define specific spaces in the room for a living room and dining room, use a rug in each space. The rugs should have some style similarities since they are in a common room, but that can be as simple as using coordinating color schemes or similar patterns.


Your home's architecture plays a big part in defining the room's overarching style. The grey and beige stones that dominate this room are intentionally paired with warm brown accents in the built-ins, leather seats, and wood accents. Whenever your room already has such stunning appeal, use these features to fully establish your style and define the room's aesthetic.

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Consistent style is often created through the smallest, most subtle accents in the room. Modern spaces frequently use similar shapes and structures throughout the room's furniture, lighting fixtures, and decorations to create a cohesive style. In this case, the room uses round decor in the coffee table accents, vases, desk decor, and big fixtures like the chandelier and curved furniture. Consider how you can create a consistent, coordinating style through all your room's features to define your modern farmhouse living room.


Seating options abound in this classy farmhouse family room. Between the two sofas, two side chairs, and tufted ottoman, there are plenty of ways to be a part of the conversation. However, additional seating is also scattered throughout the room with the piano bench and two stools by the floral painting. Even if these seats are not used as a part of daily life, they further cement this room as a great social space.

Farmhouse Findings

Cowhide prints and hides are prominent accents in farmhouse style homes. The only accent that is even more popular in these settings is leather. Leather chairs, leather sofas, leather rugs, and leather decor can all be used to reinforce a farmhouse style. The natural imperfections of leather perfectly complement farmhouse style and define the room as more authentic and homey with those features and warm colors.

Subtle Imagery

One of the most popular accents for farmhouse style living rooms is candles. Candles can be used as decorative wall sconces, table accents, candelabra chandeliers, or sprinkled in the room's wall art. Classic and subtle motifs like these do not have to dominate the room's design; in fact, this room shows how these elements can be subtly incorporated to reinforce the room's style without stealing the show.

Wonderous Wood

Wood is a key part of modern farmhouse style, since it presents a very natural texture and warm tones. Wood panelled ceilings or ceilings with wood beams are iconic features that can shine in modern farmhouse, rustic farmhouse, and coastal farmhouse styles. If your home features such a gorgeous architectural feature, highlight it through proper cleaning and finishing to convey your farmhouse aesthetic.

We hope you’ve found inspiration to redecorate your living room with farmhouse charm. No matter which look you’re going for, we recommend picking a few of these farmhouse living room ideas to base your design on. This will help you select a color palette, rug, and furniture style that you know you like, making it that much easier to design a space that you love.


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