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Blue Living room decor Ideas

Blue is one of the most common colors in today’s interior design, and blue living room ideas are everywhere. With good reason, too! Blue has beneficial color psychology, contributing to feelings of serenity, calmness, and stability. So if you want to make the most of this wonderful color in your space, these blue and light blue living room ideas are for you! With ideas and tricks for styles ranging from coastal to mid-century modern, there are blue living room ideas and decor tips for everyone’s tastes. So keep reading to get inspired. 

Complementary Palette Blue Living Room Ideas

Modern Appeal

This beautiful living room is inviting and cozy looking with a modern neutral color palette and elegant styling. The large blue area rug grounds the space while adding soothing color to break up the neutral tones. This is an excellent approach for a living room that feels dominated by neutral colors. Try adding a blue area rug to a space that’s otherwise decorated in earthy neutrals.

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Complementary Palette

This bright living room uses a complementary palette of blue, yellow, white, and tan to create an exciting blue living room aesthetic. Complementary colors sit opposite of each other on the color wheel, and the best options for blue include orange and yellow. They work best when used in small doses, as seen here. This living room uses the blue couch for the primary pop of color—complete with a yellow throw and a blue and yellow pillow. It also uses layered rugs to add more texture, keeping the space interesting.

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Modern Appeal Blue Living Room Decor Ideas
Traditional Allure Blue Living Room Decor

Traditional Allure

Here’s another living room that makes wonderful use of a large blue rug to ground the space. With a soft, neutral-based color palette throughout the room, the dark blue area rug adds a sense of calm to the space. The traditional styling throughout the space works nicely with this oriental-inspired area rug's elegant design and dynamic texture. If you want to capture the look, try placing a large deep blue rug in the center of your living space so that it sits under the front legs of the sofa, as shown in this image.

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Music Lover’s Paradise

From the record player to the portrait of George Washington, this elegant space comes alive with the sophisticated chic rug defining the area. If you have a large living room, try using a blue area rug to designate a space for one of your favorite activities. Here, we see a record player and a collection of cherished albums, creating a music lover’s paradise to delight the senses.

Music Lover’s Paradise - Blue Living Room Decor Ideas
Global Inspiration Blue Living Room Decor Ideas

Soothing Blues

The soothing effect of blue is an excellent choice for a multi-use space like this one. Multi-use spaces can feel chaotic and cluttered if you pick a palette that has a lot going on. But here, we see a soft and earthy neutral colorway with calming tones of blue to complete the look. The lovely combination comes to life with the ribbon of blue that flows across the area rug, making itself the focal point of this space. Recreate the look in your multi-use living area with a relaxing blue and neutral rug.

Global Inspiration

This beautiful living room is yet another example of how blue can break up a neutral color palette, making it feel serene and calming. The rug’s large-scale lattice pattern adds a touch of modern global inspiration to this modern living room. Notice how the house plants in this living room go well with the blue—since trees and plants outside are usually against a blue sky, it’s a natural combination for the mind to process. Adding house plants to a blue living room enhances the already soothing effect of the space.

Soothing Blues Living Room Decor Ideas

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Mid-Century Blues Living Room Ideas

Mid-Century Blues

Mid-century modern decor, or MCM as interior designers lovingly call it, is the perfect style to play with blue. This lovely living room makes good use of the rug, art, and pillows to create a simple yet stylish design. Start with a color palette of four to six colors you’ll use throughout the room, and then select a rug, throw pillows, a throw blanket, and pieces of art to represent them. Here, the couch is host to orange, yellow, dark blue, and light blue as it rests atop a blue and grey area rug. Meanwhile, red, blue, and green play nicely on the wall.

Coastal Chic

With a fun fish-themed rug and a beautiful ocean landscape hanging behind the couch, this coastal chic living room seems comfortable and welcoming. Notice how the color of the rug and the artwork on the wall seem to match, naturally drawing the eye between each other. And despite the playful area rug, the space feels elegant and chic thanks to the décor and furniture.

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Coastal Chic - Blue Living Room Ideas
Striped Living Room Decor Ideas

Modern Stripes

This modern grey and blue living room is designed with comfort in mind, and the gentle gray-blue in the rug and sofa adds to the aesthetic. We love the use of a striped rug to make the space feel larger while adding subtle color to the otherwise earthy neutral palette. And here’s a hint for those with small spaces: the direction that the stripes run will be the dimension that feels larger in the room. Here, the sofa almost seems further away, thanks to the striped rug underneath it.

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Color Coordination Blue Living Room Ideas

Chill Vibes

As a soothing and serene color, blue is the perfect color to add a chilled-out vibe to your living room. Here, the understated blue area rug defines the seating area, seeming to bring the charm of the backyard pool into the home. Notice how the only other splash of blue is found in the minimalist artwork on the wall, cementing the color palette without relying on a heavy hand.

Color Coordination

This light blue living room idea is one to hang onto. It coordinates colors between the three main focal points in the room: the rug, sofa, and wall hanging. Coordinating the colors of your sofa and rug is an excellent way to make your living room look expertly designed. And if you can extend that pairing into a wall hanging, do it! This approach helps guide the eye to and around the center of the living room, making it more inviting.

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Chill Vibes - Blue Living Room Decor Ideas
Fun with Colors - Blue Living Room Decor Ideas

Light and Airy

With a large window and ethereal sheer white curtains, this living room has a light and airy aesthetic that creates a sense of calm. Whimsical floral patterns in subdued hues of blue and red add color and give the space a soothing vibe without overpowering it. However, red and blue are two-thirds of a tetradic color scheme (red, blue, and yellow), and they can be imposing if used to excess. Here, though, the color stays in the rug, only venturing up to the throw pillow arrangement to create cohesion.

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Fun with Colors

Mixing different hues of blue is an excellent way to give your space an artistic flair. Here, we can see a wide range of blues in the abstract area rug and a few in the painting on the wall. The play between colors continues onto the couch, reflecting the palette of the rug with its teal pillows and dark blue upholstery. We love the addition of yellow with the throw pillow, pulling a bit of complementing color from the painting and bringing it down to the couch for cozy nights.

Light and Airy - Blue Living Room Decor Ideas
Eye-Catching Allure - Blue Living Room Decor Ideas

Eye-Catching Allure

This living room is another example of starting with a rug and building your living room up from there. The chic Southwestern color palette on this area rug features a range of blues, from light to dark, paired with playful pinks and a neutral background. You’ll find these colors reflected in the throw pillow and blanket on the sofa, and the navy hue continues in the artwork on the wall. The accent chair matches this artwork, tying the whole design together and making it look meant to be.

Adding Depth

The plush area rug in this seating space brings the room to life with a gorgeous traditional design and a vibrant blue colorway. Of course, the moody blue wall adds to the look, creating a cohesive design with depth and character. Notice the subtleties in this design, with the blue aesthetic continuing in the throw pillow, vases, and even the stack of books. If you have large swaths of blue in your living room, adding subtle hints of the color in the other accents will enhance the cohesion in the space and make it more relaxing.

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Adding Depth to Blue Living Room
Just a Touch - Blue Living Room Decor Ideas

Playful Colors

Blue is versatile, and it goes with a range of other colors, as demonstrated by the eye-catching geometric rug in this space. With multiple shades of blue paired with red, orange, yellow, and green, we see almost the entire color wheel in one beautiful rug design. In addition, the blue couch and light blue throw pillow help solidify blue as the parent color for this room's design, keeping things calming even with the playful rug.

Just a Touch of Blue

Adding a touch of blue to an otherwise warm-toned room is an excellent way to lighten the space and give it a subtle, soothing undertone. Here, light blue is introduced in the background of the large floral area rug. Flowers and plant life against a blue background is a natural aesthetic—think foliage against a bright blue sky—so this look is soothing for most people. Recreate it in your space by adding a touch of blue with an area rug, pillows or wall hanging.

Playful Colors - Blue Living Room Decor Ideas
Elegant Relaxation - Blue Living Room Decor Ideas

Building Up

A rich color palette and elegant traditional rug give this living room some serious character. The large area rug serves as the basis for the color scheme in this room, which is an excellent way to make decorating easier. Pick an area rug with an intricate design and a colorway you love, then build those colors up and throughout your living room with the rest of the decor. The result will be a cohesive and calming design, especially if your palette uses lots of blue like the one here.

Elegant Relaxation

This sophisticated living room features beautiful transitional styling with modern grey walls and a spacious layout. But the intricate navy rug is the star of the show. With a blend of traditional and modern design, this plush living room rug fits right in, adding color and visual appeal. Notice the placement, with the two front legs of the sofa sitting on the rug, anchoring the furniture, and defining the seating area.

Building Up - Blue Living Room Decor Ideas
Light Blue Love Living Room Ideas

Setting the Scene

It’s hard to beat this stunning blue living room, with an eye-catching blue accent wall and large blue medallion rug. If you have the freedom to paint your interior spaces, adding a blue accent wall will transform your living room and set a serene scene for relaxation. But if you’re a renter and can’t modify your space in that way, today’s interior decor options also include an array of non-damaging decals in a wide range of colors and designs.

Light Blue Love

Light blue accents work well with neutral and earthy palettes, adding a dose of calming color to balance the space. Here, we see multiple shades of light blue in the decor, from the accent wall to the throw blanket, with everything in between. The earthy neutral rug keeps it balanced so that blue doesn’t overwhelm the light blue living room, which is an excellent option to ensure you don’t overdo it. Look for vases, blankets, throw pillows, poufs, accent chairs, and artwork in your preferred shade to blue if you’d like to recreate this lovely look.

Setting the Scene - Blue Living Room Ideas

Subtle Expression

Reminiscent of the sky meeting the earth, blue and brown is an excellent color combination for interior design. While brown might not be your first thought on colors to pair with blue, the two colors have a way of grounding a space when combined. We love the subtle expression of this palette with the light brown seating and bright blue throw pillows. Also, notice how the area rug combines all the colors from the space into one, adding elegance and abstract appeal.

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Seaside Escape Living Room Decor Ideas

Textural Magic

Adding texture is one of the most overlooked secrets to great interior design. This beautiful blue living room wouldn’t be the same without the decorative fringe on the plush cream and blue rug or the assortment of textures introduced throughout the seating area. It features a smooth throw pillow, a tasseled throw pillow, a shag throw pillow, a faux fur throw blanket, and a textured pouf. In addition, the wicker planter and basket add subtle texture, as does the white brick wall. Sure, some textural fun will happen without trying, but the magic happens when you focus on a soothing blue color palette and a variety of textures.

Seaside Escape

This brilliant living room could be a seaside escape in even the most landlocked of settings with an embroidered coastal rug and complementary color palette. Teal is among the gentler shades of blue, and here it plays nicely with orange, which sits opposite of blue on the color wheel. Teal is a combination of blue and green, both of which are also represented in this space. We love the understated color of the couch with the nailhead trim and eye-catching throw pillow arrangement. Who wouldn’t get lost in conversation in this beautiful living room?

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Textural Magic - Blue Living Room Ideas

Bountiful Blues

When creating a blue living room, it's not necessary to use the same shade of blue over and over again. In fact, it's wise to diversify your blues to create a more dynamic, natural space. Here, the blue chairs match one another in style and shade, but the sofa's pillows, the nearby rug, and the artwork in the background all feature different shades of blue.

Traditional Tastes

Traditional homes often use symmetry to create very neat, classic aesthetics.Symmetry can be displayed with balanced blue couches, seats, coffee tables, and side tables like this living room. The decorative accents used in these areas may be used in various ways to break up the symmetry and create a more natural, diverse style. Blue accents and decor to consider for these areas are blue lamps, blue flowers, books, vases, ceramics, and photos.


Using dark blue throughout the living room can help you create a very mood, dramatic area. This contemporary living space masterfully uses black and dark navy blue as the two most prominent colors in this space. With that, the tone is definitively defined and masterfully crafted to convey a contemporary living room.

Sources of Inspiration

If you are designing your living room from scratch, the nearby architecture or built-ins can serve as inspiration and guidance in establishing the room's grand design. This living room features dark teal bookshelves built in to the fireplace wall, which then impacts the rest of the room's furniture, pillows, artwork, and decor. If your home does not have a pop of color like this, you can add your own and build your room around your favorite color.

Natural Features

Rooms with tall ceilings naturally feel larger thanks to their height. With that, you can work with darker paint colors and still have the room feel like an appropriate, large size. Dark blue, grey blue, or a subtle teal are three ideas for wall colors that work well in living rooms with tall ceilings.

Completely Coastal

Coastal and nautical living rooms show off oceanic motifs in different ways. Oftentimes, coastal style highlights the beachy color palette with light blues, sea-glass green, creams, and yellows while nautical style uses dark blues and whites. Another facet of nautical design is that seaside motifs are common in starfish, coral, seaglass, and decor specifically associated with the beach. Working in either of these styles or combining them like this living room is a great way to convey your personal aesthetic and incorporate your favorite beachside souvenirs.

Diversified Displays

Blue living rooms can be highly stylish when they present similar shades of blue in various ways. In this example, blue is used in the curtains, pillows, draped artwork, blanket, rug, and fireplace to name a few areas. With that, each area highlights a different material, texture, or finish to display the blue hues in unique ways. Diversifying your textures and methods of displaying blue is an ideal way to create a visually interested space with a limited color palette.

Layered Design

This room has a lot going for it in terms of style, but one underrated element is the layering of rugs in the middle of the room. Both rugs serve a purpose in the room's grand design: the top blue rug has a geometric pattern that ties to the fireplace and connects to the other blues in the room. The base rug has a natural texture and tone that ties back to the woven chair and natural plant accents. When designing your living room, consider how layering rugs may help round out your room's whole style.

Thematic Ties

While it's true that colors can help tie together different areas in an open concept home, there are other areas to consider as well. The decor and accents used in both areas can convey similar styles and aesthetics through their structures and detailing. One of the most common pieces of decor to be used in both living rooms and dining rooms is plants, but ceramics and candles are other pieces of decor that can be used as living room and blue dining room decor.

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Winning Combination

Blue and grey are two colors ideally suited to work side by side in any living room. Whether you are creating a contemporary blue and grey living room like this one or you are leaning into a more traditional aesthetic, you can use various shades of blue and different shades of grey together to create balanced modern aesthetics, airy traditional spaces, or moody contemporary rooms.

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Setting the Tone

Soft, rounded edges on furniture and decor tend to create a lighter tone throughout the room. While it is fine to have some traditional rectangular and square shapes, choosing rounded mid century modern chairs, side tables, and coffee tables is a great way to soften the room's entire scheme and create a very approachable blue living room.

Bold and Subdued

Many modern living rooms feature grey or beige sofas that are easy to coordinate with. However, colorful chairs and blue couches are coming back into favor as stylish pops of color. Depending on the vibrancy of that blue sofa, you may want to subdue other design elements in the room like the wall color, the rug, and accessories. Creating a balance between bold and subdued colors like this room will help you make the most of your stunning blue couch.

Open Concept Ideas

Open concept homes often have living rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens sharing the same space. Because of that, you need to strike a balance between separating these spaces and creating a cohesive design throughout the room at large. Color is one facet that can carry over from space to space. This room chooses to draw white from the living room to the kitchen through the sofa, bar seats, and kitchen cabinets. This approach can be done with any color, whether it be blue, grey, black, or your favorite hue.

Go For It!

If you have a funky, eclectic style, use bright colors in the room's large accents and colors. Chairs, couches, rugs, artwork, and lamps are where this particular living room uses the brightest colors. While you do not have to decorate your room exactly like this, this living room is a prime example of how going for the bold colors and designs can create a very vibrant room that exudes personality.

Sources of Inspiration

If you are designing your living room from scratch, the nearby architecture or built-ins can serve as inspiration and guidance in establishing the room's grand design. This living room features dark teal bookshelves built in to the fireplace wall, which then impacts the rest of the room's furniture, pillows, artwork, and decor. If your home does not have a pop of color like this, you can add your own and build your room around your favorite color.

Countryside Blue

Farmhouse, cottage, and country are three styles that frequently use blue in their living rooms. If you are creating a country living room, you can follow this room's example by using shades of blue, yellow, and cream alongside natural wood tones. As you can see here, these elements blend together masterfully to create a cozy countryside aesthetic.

We hope you’ve found some blue living room ideas that you love from this list. One of the easiest ways to decorate your space is to find a few inspiring pictures to base your design on. From there, you can pick the best furniture, accents, and artwork for your space using your images and your personal tastes. If you’d like more blue or light blue living room ideas, check out our selection of blue area rugs for thousands of beautiful decor images.


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