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Blue Dining Room Decor Ideas 

A dining room is a place to socialize, connect, and have a good time. How you design your space has a huge impact on how well you can accomplish those goals. So, how do you even start? One idea is to start with color. In this case, we're focusing on how to do a blue dining room. Whether it be vibrant blue, soft ocean blue, sky blue, or anything else in the blue family, there are countless ways to design your dining room with blue as the central color. Here are some of our favorite tips for creating a blue dining room that meets your needs and style.

Creating a Focal Wall- Blue Dining Room Decor Ideas

Simple Blue Elegance

Choose dark blue velvet chairs for an element of class and elegance if you have a sleek white area like this one. The drama they add to the space can't be understated. Notice in this case, there is no blue in the kitchen. Why should you consider that for your space? The dining room and kitchen both carry over the glossy, sleek white color and gray metal from the legs, but the fact that the dining room table is the only area with blue in it sets it apart from the kitchen creating a focal point and pop of color. Plus, the kitchen itself is very neutral, and so having a bold blue in front of it makes the kitchen a perfect backdrop for a dramatic dining setting.

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Create a Focal Wall

Going with a cool, matte blue on a storage wall is a perfect way to add an accent wall that pops. Notice that in this blue dining room, the cabinets are a simple shade of blue, while the rest of the room is made up of more neutral colors like browns, whites,and grays. Adding in a pop of color like this but keeping other areas neutral is a surefire way to make sure that your color doesn't overwhelm the space. One other tip is that if you have modern storage like this that's very rectangular, try adding in geometry elsewhere in the room--let your eye wander, and you'll see other squares and rectangles that compliment that geometric scheme very simply.

Simple Blue Elegance- Blue Dining Room Decor Ideas
Design by Kelly Taylor, Photography by Nat Rea Photography
Tone & Detail - Blue Dining Room Decor Ideas

Tone & Detail

If you already have a neutral dining room and don't feel like switching anything up, you can always add in a blue rug! When you do, though, make sure that it has the same degree of warmth as the rest of the room if you want it to be a subtle accent. The wood tones in this room are very light and airy, and so if you want to mimic that tone, choose a lighter blue rug. Plus, if your room has details elsewhere, like all the tile work in this dining room, choose a plain rug so that the details of the room don't compete with the details of the rug.

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Blue in a Blank Canvas

In some ways, this room is opposite of the one that came just before it. The room itself is kept very simple with plain white walls and a simple table. When your room is simple like this, you can add in more details in the furniture and rug. You can add in blue dining chairs and call it a day, but adding in a patterned blue rug like this one really cements the color scheme and adds in detail that's lacking elsewhere in the room.

Blue in a Blank Canvas - Blue Dining Room Decor Ideas
Why So Blue? - Blue Dining Room Decor Ideas


Since black is such a stark color, and white is so simple and clean, adding in a brighter vibrant blue is an excellent way to create some drama. Notice, once again, that if you have modern furniture with clean, sleek lines, you can find a modern rug to accentuate that style. This blue dining room rug creates the drama with its bright hue, but the pattern and geometry all around it connects back to the straight lines of the chairs, table, and walls. Don't feel like you have to limit yourself to straight lines though! Adding in two chandeliers like these round ones adds yet another element of flair and contributes an unexpected twist to the geometry of the room.

Why So Blue?

When choosing to go with a blue dining room, you don't have to limit yourself to one, consistent shade of blue. Not only can you choose a rug that has different shades of blue, but you can also choose artwork with various hues. Just keep in mind that when you choose your artwork, you'll want them to roughly be in the same design/style. This wall for example chooses several classic paintings of ladies, and then the other artwork all connect to nature in one way or the other. Limiting your art themes to one or two adds an element of cohesion to the wall and unites your collection.

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Vibrance - Blue Dining Room Decor Ideas

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Define The Space - Blue Dining Room Design Ideas

Define The Space

If you have an open floorplan with the dining room connecting to the kitchen, consider connecting the two with a similar color scheme. These dining room/kitchen spaces definitely highlight natural wood and black, but blue is another prominent color in the color scheme. If you want a subtle connection, go with a larger blue element in the dining area (like a blue rug, chairs, or plates), and then have smaller blue accents in the kitchen. Keep them in the same shade/warmth to really build on that scheme.

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Modern Blue - Blue Dining Room Design Ideas

Naturally Blue

Blue plays nicely with tans and textures. If you like a natural feel to your dining room, go with a color scheme of browns, tans, grays, and blues. Incorporate several wood textures and similar tones in the room through the floor, wall, and furniture. Match that natural texture with a rug with subtle distressing to it if you want a clean, natural feel. If you want something more rugged and worn, choose a rug with more distressing.

Modern Blue

The nice thing about blue is that it fits into just about any design style. If you like a modern feel to your space, go with a blue rug with a unique shape and geometric patterns. A lot of modern design is keeping the room minimal and simple, so having one of the key decorative pieces be a rug is natural. That doesn't mean you can't incorporate blue elsewhere, though! Include blue in some of the other accessories around the room, and if your dining room opens to another room, consider having the blue motif carry over in the other room's artwork, tilemwork, upholstery, etc.

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Naturally Blue - Blue Dining Room Design Ideas

Elegant Blues

Elegant Blues

Dark blue can be an intimidating color, but it can seriously create a classy room. To create a grand, elegant dining room, go with dark blue walls, curtains, and even the ceiling. If you do, though, make sure that you incorporate more glassy, reflective surfaces so that whatever light you have in the room has decor to bounce off of and brighten the room. And if you have blue on the walls and ceiling, go with a different color on the floor, like this rust-colored area rug so that you're not enclosed by the dark blues. This will give your eyes a break from the blue and makes it so the dark blue isn't overbearing.

Ground The Space - Blue Dining Room Design Ideas

Dark Blue Drama

White rooms are a nice, clean canvas for adding in a color scheme. In cases like this, going with a dark blue rug adds in a much needed pop of color to what could otherwise be a bland room. Why should you go dark instead of light? Light blue wouldn't look bad by any means, but in this blue dining room, we recommend it because going with a dark blue rug connects it nicely to the black furniture and accents and serves as a bridge between the two colors.

Ground The Space

If your dining room has a lot of lighter tones, going with a dark blue rug is not only a good way to ground the room, but of course, it also adds in a blue color scheme as well. The nice thing about blue is that it doesn't just play nicely with neutral textures; it plays well with other colors as well. Go with a dark blue rug to ground/center the dining area, and then incorporate blue and other colors into some of the other areas of the room to add bursts of color to an otherwise neutral room.

Dark Blue Drama - Blue Dining Room Design Ideas
Blue Connections - Blue Dining Room Design Ideas

Blue Lighting

When going for a blue dining room, you don't have to limit yourself to rugs, wall color, and accents. Think about the lighting as well! This minimalist dining room adds in a modern flair by using a blue chandelier. If you don't like hanging artwork on your walls, go with a colored chandelier like this one; it rests at eye level and serves as the focal piece of art in the room. It's such a natural place for your eye to rest, that you don't even notice the bare walls at first, and if you do, you realize that it's intentional so the chandelier can shine.

Blue Connections

If your dining room floor is a natural, stoney tile like this one, go with a distressed rug to fit in with that earthy tone. You can go with a more traditional blue if you like, but in this case, it was smart to go with a teal/blue because it's a pop of warmth against cooler stone. Plus, if you notice some of the stone in the tile, there are some shades of blue that connect nicely to the distressed portions of the rug. When designing your dining room, look for opportunities to connect one design element to the next.

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Blue Lighting - Blue Dining Room Design Ideas

Dark, But Not Too Dark - Blue Dining Room Design Ideas

Dark, But Not Too Dark

If you have a wall of glass windows or doors, dare to go darker with the blue on your walls. However, don't feel like you need to stop there. You can also incorporate that blue in the blinds for the windows/doors, and then add in some blue plates as well to cement the scheme. Choose artwork that is simple and brighter in color so that it stands out against the blue wall and tie that color back to the furniture (like this room does with its art and the white dining chairs).

No two dining rooms are alike, even if they do fit into the same color scheme. If you're inspired by any of the blue dining rooms we showed you today, take our advice and tips to heart, but don't focus on replicating a picture down to the exact detail. Your space is your own, and so you should create a space that's personal and meaningful to you. Have fun with the process, bring in your personality, and create the blue dining room of your dreams!


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