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Small Dining Room Decor Ideas 

Small dining spaces can be a challenge to create. After all, it's a limited space, but there's so much to do in it. Whether it's eating together, playing board games together, or just socializing, dining spaces are multifunctional and meaningful even in today's day and age. So, how do you design a dining area when you're limited on space? Keep reading for our tips and tricks, and for how you can create a dining room that fits your particular style and needs.

Small Space, Big Drama - Small Dining Room Decor Ideas

Circular Circumstances

If you just have a small corner for your dining area, consider having a small round table. Even then, incorporate a round rug as well, but don't have the rug centered underneath the table. Having a rug under just two of the table legs like the one in this picture extends the dining area outwards into the window area and makes the space seem larger and more intentional than just finding a small table and having it hug the wall.

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Small Space, Big Drama

It's true that dark colors make a space feel smaller, but in this case, it's the dark walls that establish the tone of this dining area. If you love dramatic spaces, start off with a dark wall color, and then incorporate lighter, neutral colors. The lighter accents will make the space feel bigger, and if you choose furniture that has a glossy or metallic finish like this table does, those surfaces also help reflect light and bring more definition to the space.

Circular Circumstances - Small Dining Room Decor Ideas	Work of Art - Small Dining Room Decor Ideas

Work of Art

Maybe you have a larger open space, but you just don't need a big dining area. That's ok! Find a small table you like and put it up against the wall. Then, frame out the entire area as if it's a gallery. Go with a black and white theme with your decor, furniture, artwork, and rug to create a classic design scheme. All of these black, white, and gray tones work together to create more than just a dining area; it becomes a focal point, and an ideal place for you to display art that you love.

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Define Your Space

With open concept design being so popular, it's not a rare idea for a dining room and living room to be in the same space. When you do have them side by side, it's important to define the space so that each has its own designated area. In this case, the living room is set apart by having a rug, and the dining area has no rug. Each area is separate from each other, but to create unity, connect the two with colors; in this case, the white of the table and chairs connects to the sofa pillows and the artwork that is halfway in the living area and halfway into dining. Flow is important to create a cohesive space, but it's also important to have a clear distinction so that everyone knows the function of each area.

Define Your Space - Small Dining Room Decor Ideas
Create a Moment - Small Dining Room Decor Ideas

Accentuate What You Love

Speaking of statement walls, it can be tough to get them right. When creating an art collage in your dining area, make sure your art has a few things in common, like these ones do. For example, most of the artwork is in a white frame or has white matting to it. If it isn't in a white frame, it is in a light wood frame or has some natural tans to it. Speaking, all these portraits and the horns on the wall have a vintage feel to them, so aside from common framing, they all have similar content and coloring. Finally, when you work on your collage, dare to take it high up the wall! When your eye is drawn upwards to a higher ceiling, it makes your small dining space feel bigger.

Create a Moment

Statement walls, when done correctly, make the right sort of statement. Pair that with a small dining area, and you've got your own little world off to the side. If you have an old brick wall like this, consider keeping it worn and loved, but update it with a small modern table and chairs. Marble is a nice modern twist, but at the same time, it's another natural material against a natural wall. Finally, the chairs have a modern shape to them, but the velvet fabric is a nice blast from the past and a perfect way to connect the shades of the wall into the dining area.

Accentuate What You Love - Small Dining Room Decor Ideas

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Intentional Details - Tiny Dining Room Design Ideas

Intentional Decor

Light walls and floors help make spaces feel bigger, so incorporating light tones in your small space will detract from a small dining table. When working in small spaces, try not to clutter the room with unnecessary accents and artwork; be minimal in your incorporate of furniture and accents, and the room will seem larger. If you have windows in the room, don't clutter them with curtains; that's one less item taking up space in the room, and light makes spaces feel bigger anyway, so that's killing two birds with one curtainless room!

Pops of Color - Tiny Dining Room Design Tips

Traditional Gatherings

A small, round dining table is a perfect spot for intimate conversation. In a world with so much technology and so much going on, creating a small dining nook is a wonderful invitation to step away from all of life's complications. Going with a traditional style with dark blacks and dark woods in a light color scheme creates drama in the space. In this case, it also serves as a connection back to the kitchen. Finally, like this photo, you can also use the colors in your furniture to connect to the artwork and accents in the room.

Pops of Color

Once again, you see a neutral wall and room color is a great palette for small dining rooms. Incorporating a colored rug is one way to add a burst of color to the space, but don't forget about your chairs and accents! Having everything neutral except for the chairs, artwork, and accent pieces will make your pops of color really stand out, and those colors add a touch of whimsy to an otherwise clean-cut room. Designing a space this way also works well in apartments and smaller homes.

Traditional Gatherings - Tiny Dining Room Design Tips
A Blank Canvas - Tiny Dining Room Design Ideas

Purposeful Patterns

Even in a small dining room, you can still go bold with pops of color and patterns. The three big patterns in this dining room for example at the table, rug, and artwork behind the table. When you do go with big patterns in a small space, make sure you do give the eye a break every once in a while. Don't overwhelm the space with an abundance of artwork or crazy wallpaper; let the patterns you have shine and be the stars of the room.

A Blank Canvas

White can be a blank canvas, or it can fill the canvas nearly entirely. By choosing a white table, chairs, walls, and rug, your space can be a prime example of minimalism and maximize your space all at the same time. However, do bring in a few different tones to offset the space--this room has the wood chair and table legs, which sets it apart from the white marbled rug. Add in an unexpected pop of style with a colored sofa table or dinette to break up all the white if you feel like the canvas is too blank. And again, consider putting a round table on top of a round rug to define the dining space as separate from the rest of the room.

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Purposeful Patterns - Tiny Dining Room Design Ideas
Big Space, Big Opportunity - Tiny Dining Room Design Ideas


When designing your space, you want to have a clear focal point. From this perspective, you can see it all: the lights, the painting, the table, and the rug. Your eye has something to look at for each level of the room, which is important for guiding your eye through the space. One especially effective technique you can use is to buy a large rug like this one; it extends the full length of the room, beckoning your eye (and your guest) to come on in and enjoy the space.

Big Space, Big Opportunity

Again, just because the room is open doesn't mean that you need to fill it just to fill it. If you prefer small, intimate dining, choose a table that fits as few people as you want. However, to make it seem intentional, choose larger accents to fill the space. Putting a large chandelier above the table is one example of how you can use a large accent, but it's not the only one. Consider choosing a large plant in the corner, or a large cabinet, or whatever else suits your needs.

Focus - Tiny Dining Room Design Ideas

The Conversation Piece - Tiny Dining Room Design Ideas

The Conversation Piece

If your only dining option is in your kitchen, there's still plenty of opportunity to have a cute dining space. The two spaces in this case feed off each other well with their wood tones, but the dining area is what stands out most with its well loved table and chair set. Don't be afraid to use furniture that's been in the family for a few generations; it's a great opportunity to create a space that's unique to your house, and a chance to share stories of loved ones.

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Colorful Opportunity - Tiny Dining Room Design Ideas

Modern Small Dining

Minimal design is great for small spaces. If you enjoy minimalism and modern design, carefully choose which pieces of furniture and art you're going to have in your dining room. Go for furniture that has clean, simple design (like the table), but if you enjoy a burst of fun, add in some chairs that have unique geometric shapes to them. Hang a pendant light in the room too, and have it offset next to a piece of art like this; though the wall behind the light is bare, you'll notice that the light itself is like a piece of art hanging on a blank canvas. So not only does hanging a pendant add light to a space, but it also serves as a work of art and reduces the number of pieces in the room--perfect for a minimal dining room.

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Colorful Opportunity

There's a reason why neutral walls and furniture are in right now; it can be costly to replace furniture every year when the color trends change, and painting walls can be a pain. But that doesn't mean you can't incorporate color into your spaces. Adding in a cheerful, bright rug is the perfect solution to adding in color. It can help define the space, but it doesn't look the space into a particular style for the next 5-10 years. As soon as you're tired of that rug pattern or you want to change your color scheme, just buy a replacement rug. It's far simpler than changing all the furniture and the wall colors, and arguably, it can add even more character to the room than the furniture!

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Modern Small Dining - Tiny Dining Room Design Tips
Space Savers - Tiny Dining Room Design Tips

Time To Reflect

Elegant dining spaces don't have to be grand in size. When creating that upscale vibe in your room, go for uniform color in many of the room's colors. This room for example is 80% white, which makes the other 20% stand out even more and make a statement. The biggest statement you can go with is perhaps using a glass table and clear chairs. Not only are they out of the norm design wise, but they will also add more reflective surfaces to your and thus brighten your dining room. Make sure you do include other colors though so that your eyes have something they're naturally drawn to and the room has dimension.

Space Savers

If you feel cramped for space, try going for a counter height table and stools. The stools obviously save space when they're pushed all the way under the table, and having the table at that height will encourage your guests to stand around it while they sip on their wine and socialize. Be bold with how you define the space as well; having a rug that's centered in the room but not centered under the table will draw your guests into the rest of the space, as well as draw their eye to the rug and around the room.

Time To Reflect - Tiny Dining Room Design Tips
Go Big And Go Home - Tiny Dining Room Design Tips

Go Big And Go Home

If you have a small space, you definitely don't want to fill it to the brim. What you CAN do though is choose some big pieces of furniture that will dominate the space. You can define your dining space by choosing a large table, larger chairs, and other large pieces. Be careful in how much you choose, though--adding too much to a small space will only make it feel cluttered and smaller. Be bold with what you choose, but be smart at the same time. Make sure there's still plenty of room for people to walk around, push out their chairs, and feel like the room isn't suffocating them.

Dining For Two

You can create a small dining area for two without it feeling lonely and sad. Incorporate bright natural tones and textures into a neutral space, and you'll immediately be drawn towards your table. Having it centered in the space with a rug directly underneath and class doors right behind it is a simple way to intentionally place your table and let you bask in the morning sun while you and your significant other enjoy your breakfast.

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Dining For Two - Tiny Dining Room Design Tips

Small spaces don't mean you have to sacrifice style. Whether you're going for an elegant space or a casual one, you can create that dining space in your home in the space you actually have. Just remember to be intentional with your furniture, minimal when possible, and choose your colors wisely. Work with these principles and the other tips we gave, and you'll be able to create a perfect dining space that suits your needs and style.


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