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Red Rug IDeas

                    Red is anything but boring! Red is the color of love, energy, danger, excitement and passion. Depending on the tone, shade, and design, red can be contemporary, traditional, rustic, or modern. From deep merlot to warm blush, red can be used in any room as a bold design element or a simple accent. Read on for our favorite red rug ideas.

Red Rug Ideas

All About Red Rugs

People have loved red rugs for centuries. The oldest known rug in the world that dates back to 500 BC is red! Red in the home symbolizes power, passion, warmth, and romance. Decorating with red can be tricky as too much red can quickly go from bold to overwhelming. We’ve gathered our favorite red rug decorating ideas and red area rug ideas to help you use red rugs to make interiors you love.

Room By Room: Red Rug Design Ideas

Red Bedroom Rug Ideas


Rich red colors make a bedroom feel warm and welcoming. Read on for red rug bedroom ideas:

Red can make a statement. The perfect shade of red in this bedroom gives the room its look and feel. Everything else in the room is simple and neutral with the exception of the warm wood in the bedframe. This helps the room feel balanced and ensures red doesn’t overwhelm the space.

Red can be soft and cozy. This transitional style bedroom uses a deep red with soft brown curtains to give this room a comfy vibe that’s hard to resist. The cream colored bed gives the space a lightness that keeps the room from feeling too heavy.

Living Room

A red rug can make a ho-hum living room come alive. If you’re dying to put a red rug in your living room read on for tips and red rug living room ideas.

Red Living Room Rug Ideas

The cheery red geometric rug in this eclectic living room gives the room its aesthetic. Playful and soft, the rug adds color to the otherwise white and neutral living room. The tribal pattern woven into the rug makes it feel aged and important.

The vintage-inspired red rug in this farmhouse style living room provides a nice backdrop for a mostly neutral space. Subdued red rugs can bring color into the space without calling too much attention. This rug also helps to define the seating area and provide a soft place for guests to land their feet.

Red Persian Living Room Ideas

Persian rugs are traditionally red. They are meant to be a work of art and so can be the statement piece of a living room. This red persian rug gives this simple contemporary living room an artistic vibe. For more red persian rug ideas see our Persian Rug Ideas page.

The best red rugs are the red rugs that you love! Red rugs can make you feel alive, evoke excitement, and spark joy. To see more enchanting red rugs start below.



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