Persian Rug Ideas

Persian rugs have been adding beauty and sophistication to rooms for over 2500 years. Whether you have an authentic Persian rug or a rug inspired by traditional Persian design, you understand how special these rugs are.


Persian rugs in the living room

Many designers use traditional style Persian rugs in modern living rooms to balance out the best of both old and new. Modern style is gaining in popularity with its straightforward open feel while traditional persian rugs add an old-world lived-in charm.

What is a persian Rug?

Persian rugs are simply rugs that are produced in Ancient Persia, modern-day Iran. Persian rugs are hand-knotted using a specific Persian knot that allows fibers to be densely woven. This method of weaving dates by 2500 years and produces an extremely high-quality rug that will last for generations. Persian rugs are constructed from dyed wool making the rug even more durable.

Persian rugs are versatile in design so they fit well with most design styles. They are extremely durable, resist fading, and last for years. For ideas that inspire and delight, we’ve gathered our favorite Persian rug ideas.

Persian rug in modern living room
Photo: Pernille Vest for Elle Decoration UK
Persian rug in modern living room

If you want to show off your exquisite Persian rug then a simple modern design style can do just that. This modern living room in mostly white is grounded and enriched by a red Persian rug. The rug is a piece of art itself but it also helps tie in the many other art pieces in the space.

A Persian rug gives this rustic/eclectic living room a rich backdrop for soft leather couches and unique design elements. A large rug in the living room helps to define the seating area and soften the space. In this room, the rug offers contrast to the plain white walls helping the room to feel balanced and more lively.

layer it up

A subdued Persian rug is layered on top of a textured wool rug in this modern living room. Layering rugs helps to give a room more depth allowing you to showcase a smaller rug in a larger space.

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persian rugs for small living rooms

Small living rooms don’t have to be small in style. In fact, you can go big and bold in small rooms without overwhelming the space. The Persian rug in this small bohemian style living room helps the space to appear larger. It also contributes to the well-traveled aesthetic of the room.


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