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outdoor rug ideas

Available in every style under the sun, outdoor patio and deck rugs will elevate your exterior space, turning it into your personal retreat. Our outdoor rug ideas make it easier for you to give your patio or deck a whole new look. Whether you're looking for color, protection, personalization, or all of the above, a durable outdoor rug will do the trick.

Outdoor Rug Ideas

Neutral Beauty

The aesthetic of this outdoor space is minimal and sophisticated, so a bright colored rug just wouldn’t have done. This large textured tan rug nicely defines and softens the seating area and allows for pops of color to be swapped out with accessories like pillows and throws.

why an outdoor rug?

Outdoor spaces can serve many purposes. For example, a simple patio can be transformed into a chic space to entertain family and friends. A plain backyard can become a cozy hideout for roasting marshmallows and gazing at the stars. An ordinary front porch becomes an oasis for relaxing with a cup of lemonade or tea. Make your outdoor space, no matter how big or small, a retreat for you and your loved ones.

Neutral Beauty
Southwestern Outdoor Rug Ideas

Colorful Accents

Pairing a textured neutral rug with colorful accents creates a bohemian look that's ideal for any outdoor lounge space. The lively Peruvian-inspired patterns on these throw pillows imbue the patio with warmth and energy. Meanwhile, the neutral tones found in the rug and some of the surrounding textiles ground the look, keeping it calm and inviting.

Southern Comfort

Southwestern rug designs work well with earthy colors and greenery, creating a comfy outdoor space to enjoy with your loved ones (or by yourself with a good book). This stylish floor covering features a southwestern lodge appeal with an underlying eclectic style, creating a bold desert modern look. The warm tones of the rug work are well matched with those of the deck, which is an excellent style tip to keep in mind when buying outdoor deck rugs.

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Colorful Accents Outdoor Rug Ideas
Transitional Outdoor Rug Ideas

Vintage Comfort

Vintage-inspired designs like this one can make bold, decorative statements in almost any space. This weather-resistant rug is built to handle anything a well-lived life can throw at it, and it’s a smart choice for homes with children or pets. The textured accents and lush plant life add to the depth created by the vintage-style rug on this patio. And the earth tones on the rug go well with the finish on the wood patio, enhancing the cozy colorway.

Transitional Appeal

This beautiful outdoor seating area epitomizes the idea of creating an extra “room” in your exterior space. If you’re looking for outdoor patio rug ideas to bring your seating space to life, the placement seen here works well. The able is centered on the textured rug, which shines with a blending of contemporary and historical designs, perfect for creating transitional appeal.

Vintage Outdoor Rug Ideas
Cool Blue Outdoor Rug Ideas

Cool Blues

A blue rug might not be able to cool down your summer, but it can give your patio a calm and cooling vibe. The blue rug here pairs beautifully with the blue pillow and outdoor pouf, creating a relaxing aesthetic against the white brick wall. And the Turkish rug design creates a timeless appeal that’s both eye-catching and inviting. Patios that feel dull or just a bit too neutral can benefit from a colorful outdoor rug and a few matching accents.

Tropical Relaxation

This textured outdoor area rug features shades of sky blue, dark green, aqua, and khaki, giving the patio a tropical atmosphere. A blue and green color palette is a reliable choice for almost any outdoor space because you can find both colors in nature. Choosing colors found in the environment surrounding your exterior area can help you find the right outdoor patio rug ideas for your yard or environment. And the textured pattern creates visual interest, making the rug an eye-catching centerpiece for your seating area.

Tropical Outdoor Rug Ideas

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Bohemian Elegance Outdoor Rug Ideas

Ikat Artistry

This rug is as bold as it is beautiful with a combination of modern ikat dying and classic Turkish styling. The artistic design gives this chic rug an on-trend appeal that can fit in with almost any contemporary space. And don’t worry about the black and blue palette. Exterior areas are some of the best spots to try out darker colors since they’re inherently well-lit and spacious. Here, the accent pillows, chairs, and even the planter continue the dark aesthetic, making it an integral part of the color scheme.

Transitional Welcome

Plush, shaggy accents with a strong and durable flatweave backing give this rug a stylish, chic appeal. With textural contrasts and a stark tribal pattern, this rug would work beautifully in any patio lounge zone, and it’s sure to be a conversation starter. Textured rugs like this work well for zones that feel lifeless or as though the furniture is “floating” in space. The neutral palette of grey and cream will prevent the rug from overwhelming your patio, even if you’re using colorful accents.

Ikat Artistry Outdoor Rug Ideas
Modern Deco Outdoor Rug Ideas

Prismatic Lounge

Modern rugs with unique shapes work beautifully in exterior spaces. Here, the high-fashion look stands on its own among the sparsely decorated lounge, a clear centerpiece that guides the eye up and toward the expansive horizon. This chic and modern look gets even better, as the rug is eco-friendly and made from recycled PET fibers, perfect for any “green” household.

Modern Deco

Nestled nicely between modern and art deco styles, this captivating area rug is the perfect blend of practicality and beauty. Here, the green and neutral color palette is reflected throughout the space, and the rug looks like it was meant to be. The earthy red accent pillows keep the aesthetic interesting, while the greenery all around continues to play with this natural hue. And the placement of the rug creates a natural flow through the exterior space, making it more inviting.

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Prismatic Lounge Outdoor Rug Ideas
Visual Intrigue Outdoor Rug Ideas

Visual Intrigue

Chevron rugs create visual intrigue and modern appeal in exterior spaces. This piece boasts a soft texture and exceptionally durable pile, making it an ideal way to add a layer of contemporary style to your favorite outdoor spot. The blue is echoed back throughout the space with the accent pillows and the water feature we see reflected in the large window, making the rug seem right at home.

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Vibrant Coral Outdoor Rug Ideas

Vibrant Coral

This rug mimics the look of vibrant coral, making it ideal for any coastal-inspired patio space. You don't have to live near the sea to enjoy nautical decor, either. A rug like this can be right at home, even if it's in a landlocked backyard. Use the surrounding accents, like tropical plants and earthy colors, to create your themed space. Or, if you're living beachside, enjoy the effortless pairing of a coral rug design with the surrounding coastal aesthetic.

Coastal Comfort

A spacious patio calls for a large rug, and this big blue rug sets the mood for relaxed evenings with friends. The coastal design of the rug extends upward to the coordinating outdoor throw pillows, exemplifying a simple approach to creating a cohesive seating area. Outdoor rugs are dog- and kid-friendly, making them excellent for families with busy modern lifestyles.

Coastal Comfort Outdoor Rug Ideas

Sweetly Chevron Outdoor Rug Ideas

Sweetly Chevron

The chevron pattern is a staple in interior design, but it doesn’t have to be bold to steal the show. Here, the soft teal and grey chevrons give this exterior seating area a modern twist with undeniable charm. Teal and other modern tones promise to invigorate any space, creating a chic pop of color that's more than welcome in interior styling. This patio's simple furniture and lush greenery make it even more relaxing, inviting your guests to sit and stay awhile.

Soothing Stripes Outdoor Rug Ideas

Soothing Stripes

Featuring bold stripes of coral, green, charcoal, and ivory, this beautiful outdoor rug lays the groundwork for this lovely patio. The ivory and coral tones make appearances in the seating, and the green continues to be reflected back by the surrounding potted plants. The touches of blue and brown round out the space, giving it depth and character. And tassels can create an indoor-type aesthetic in any exterior seating area.

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Garden Vibes Outdoor Rug ideas

Poolside Bliss

With a beautiful pool and natural greenery all along, this neutral rug creates a blissful aesthetic. No poolside lounge is complete without a rug beneath the seating, perfect for protecting your feet from the hot ground in the middle of summer. Even if you don’t have a pool in your backyard, you can capture the look by copying the placement and neutral style of this beautiful (and practical) outdoor rug.

Garden Vibes

Floral rugs like this one are incredible for patios and decks with plenty of plant life. Here, surrounded by a lovingly tended container garden, this floral rug seems a natural part of the scenery. This medium-pile outdoor rug is as eye-catching as it is durable with a vibrant colorway of cherry, burgundy, and ivory. Use a rug like this to introduce bright colors and bold contrast to your favorite exterior area.

Poolside Bliss Outdoor Rug Ideas

Braided Beauty

Braided rugs are often associated with very home, country-style homes. While an outdoor braided rug can certainly fill that niche, these rugs are even more diverse than just that one category. With their various color schemes, different types of braids, sizes, and shapes, these rugs can also decorate more transitional spaces like the one shown here.

Multipurpose Spaces

Oftentimes, decks, patios, and porches host more than one area. Like this porch, you may have separate areas for an outdoor living room and an outdoor dining space. You can create distinct spaces with different color schemes and furniture, but another way to set each space apart is to add a rug. You may add a rug to just one of these spaces or both of them to define each space as separate from the other. When using multiple rugs in the same space, you have the opportunity to play with coordinating colors, similar patterns, and shapes to create distinct spaces and a cohesive overarching design.

Outdoor Carpets

Each deck is unique, so it makes sense that you may decide to order a custom outdoor carpet for your outdoor patio. Custom carpets and rugs are aptly suited to highlight a separate seating area, a dining space, or a part of the deck that has a different height from the rest of the space. When customizing your deck, you can also consider durable rug and carpet options to fit your home's needs.

Blue and White

Blue and white is a classic color scheme that works in many different styles. Those colors along with the simple striped design of this rug work well in creating a transitional, slightly contemporary deck. Timeless color schemes and designs like these can serve as the bedroom for more modern outdoor spaces.

Vibrant Personality

Your outdoor space is defined by many different decorate elements. With that, you will want to choose a rug that works well with those other accents and furniture. This whimsical outdoor space has bold greens, vibrant oranges, and bright reds throughout the entire space. While a solid red rug would have complemented that color scheme, the detailed pattern further showcases the homeowner's eclectic personality to create a highly unique space. This porch should serve as inspiration of how you can create a whimsical eclectic space that conveys bold personality.

Playing With Pattern

Playing with pattern is a great way to create boldly designed, unique balconies. When you do use multiple patterns, look for similarities in theme and appearance to create a cohesive design. In the case of this tropical balcony, both the chairs and rug feature straight lines. In fact, the furniture also features linearity in their structions. These subtle touches throughout all the decorations makes a big impact on unifying the balcony's overarching design.

It's The Little Things

Not everyone has a large, sprawling deck or balcony. Even in these cases, you can add a rug to show off your personality and create a more cozy space. As you can see by this city loft, the small outdoor rug completely changes the dynamic of the balcony and works together with the other accents to create a small but mighty outdoor space.

Setting The Scene

Whether you're decorating a porch right outside your door or a luxurious poolside, an outdoor area rug can define different spaces for unique purposes. In the case of this pool area, a rug sets a smaller seating area apart with a central rug. That defines this space as an area to converse while keeping the other chairs separate for lounging and sunbathing.

Filling The Space

If you want to create a more intimate, cozy outdoor space, consider using a larger area rug that can fill the majority of the space. This blue rug swallows up the outdoor space with its central presence and its size. You can similarly play with the rug's size and placement to create your desired tone and look.

We hope you love these outdoor rug ideas as much as we do. Outdoor rug ideas give you the power to turn your exterior areas into their own "rooms," extending your living space. Look for designs that fit your personality, and don't be afraid to break away from your interior decor style for something different outside. The important part is that you love the colors and textures displayed in your outdoor space. And if you see something that you'd rather have inside your home, go for it! You can use most outdoor rugs indoors as well.


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