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Office Rug Ideas

Like it or not, your office might be your home away from home. Why not style your office space to be inspirational as well as aspirational. Whether it’s a shared office space or your setting up a home office, make sure your office bolsters creativity and productivity. Your office should reflect your personal style and we have ideas on how to help you with that.

​​​​​​​Dining Room Rug Ideas

You may or may not have a choice on the furnishings for your office. You may have to make the best of the desk and chair that are provided by your employer. Or, maybe you’re using hand me down furniture in your home office. Either way, you can have a voice when it comes to accessories and office rugs are a great way to make a statement.

A rug in the office can add sophistication and softness to a sometimes static place. An office rug helps to define different areas of the office as a work space, collaboration space, or unwind space. A rug can literally and figuratively warm up the office and can even help with noise reduction. Here are some ideas for your next decorative office rug:

Consider The Rug Size

Would you like multiple small rugs to define different areas of your office or would you like one large rug to make the entire room feel cohesive? Measure the area where you’d like a rug. If it’s for under your desk, make sure you get a rug that’s big enough for chairs to move over without catching (both in front of and behind the desk).

  • To use a rug to define a small seating area, choose a size that will allow the furniture to either sit completely on the rug or at least the front two legs of furniture to be on the rug.
  • For a large office area rug, be sure to allow 12”-18” of space between the wall and the edge of the rug.

Pro Tip: Use masking tape on the floor to visualize how each rug size will look in your space.

Styling Your Office Rug

Due to the high volume of foot or chair traffic, an office rug generally should have a low pile or flatweave. This helps chairs roll easily over the rug without catching the edges or getting caught on long fibers. A cotton or wool rug in a flatweave is a great choice. Or, a synthetic fiber in a low pile adds some softness to the space--although, there are a few exceptions for higher pile rugs. For example, if the office is not used for collaboration or meetings, then a higher pile rug can work and will add a bit of cozy to your work space.

Don't Forget To Add Your Personal Style!

  • If you’re going for a traditional and timeless office look, try an oriental rug in rectangular or oval shape.
  • If you like a modern look, try a tribal or vintage pattern in wool or cotton flatweave.
  • If creativity is paramount in your office, consider an abstract rug where design and color are open to interpretation.
  • For an industrial feel, choose a natural jute or sisal rug in a flatweave. And for something a little more adventurous, try a faux cowhide rug layered on top.



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