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Office Rug Ideas

With more people working from home than ever before, home offices are in high demand right now. And if you're decorating your home office, adding an area rug can make it feel warmer and more comfortable. These home office rug ideas will help you find the right match for your space.  Ideally, you'll want home office rug ideas that are practical, providing cushioning and insulation while still adding artistic value to the room. Beautiful, durable rugs help create a well-balanced space that encourages productivity and creativity.

Modern Office Rug Ideas

Geometrically Creative

Area rugs with unique shapes like this one can bring your office to life. The bright tones and chic design on this geometric felted rug create a contemporary appeal that makes this home office stand out. And since we’re talking home offices, you’re free to kick off your shoes and curl your toes into the plush wool yarns used to make this beautiful rug any time you'd like. Simple home office designs like the one pictured here are often the easiest to put together and most satisfying as a workspace.

Fashion Forward Workspace

Multi-use rooms like this one work well for small spaces that still need to carve out a home office. This beautiful rug features calming colors and a plush wool pile. It accentuates the area, highlighting the cool blues found on the couch and chair and the earthy tones throughout the space. Additionally, the taupe curtains and warm neutral textiles help soften the white walls, creating a more relaxed environment to work in.

Geometrically Creative Office Rug Ideas
Traditional Office Rug Ideas

Contemporary Florals

Floral rugs work well with traditional, transitional, and chic home offices. They add vibrance and life, making your office an uplifting space to spend time in. Here, the unique look of this wool rug is created by blending wool yarns with wool felt, creating an incomparable textural experience. In this small space, the rug edges are within inches from the walls, giving the room more of a carpeted appeal. This is an excellent approach when dealing with limited square footage, but it's also popular with larger home offices.

Traditional Elegance

Timeless style and modern construction allow this area rug to protect the floors while exuding traditional elegance in this lovely home office. The rug ties the whole space together, from the chandelier to the plant, with everything in between. If your home office feels disjointed or dreary, using a large office area rug to create cohesiveness in the design is an effective solution. And if you have an office chair on casters like this one, don't forget to look for durable materials that can stand up to the wear and tear.

Contemporary Florals Office Rug Ideas

Stylish Addition

In this office, the gray rug complements the brown furniture, creating a modern and cohesive look. The neutral tone and plush texture add a touch of elegance without being overly flashy, making it a functional and stylish addition to the space.

Professional and Stylish

The white rug in this large office adds a clean and modern touch. The stark contrast against the earthy tones of the furniture creates a sleek aesthetic. The plush texture brings comfort while maintaining a professional look in the workspace.

Add a Touch of Sophistication

Upgrade your office with our sleek blue rug. The deep blue color adds a touch of sophistication, effortlessly fitting into any office decor. Crafted with quality materials, it not only looks good but feels luxurious underfoot. The modern design and impeccable craftsmanship make it a versatile and practical choice for a stylish workspace. Elevate your office aesthetic with this functional and chic addition.


Enhance your office with a black and gray rug that complements black furniture. The monochromatic palette adds a modern and professional touch, while the plush texture provides comfort. This rug effortlessly ties together the design elements of your office, creating a polished and cohesive look.

Neutral Colors

The gray rug in this neutral office exudes sophistication, blending seamlessly with the color palette. Its soft, plush texture adds warmth and comfort, anchoring the space as a subtle focal point. The timeless gray hue complements the office's aesthetic, making it a refined and practical addition to the professional setting.

An Inviting Workspace

In this classy home office, a simple rug sits beneath a wooden desk, complementing the green walls. The neutral-toned rug adds to the room without overshadowing the room's classic aesthetic. The wooden desk remains the focal point, and the rug's understated design contributes to a polished and inviting workspace.

Calming Office Rug Ideas

Calming Vibes

Bold contemporary designs and a low pile make this rug a beautiful accent in this industrial home office. Simple furniture and understated accents complement the no-nonsense look of this area rug, creating a unified design to encourage productivity and calming vibes. Choosing a floor covering that doubles as a piece of floor art is a great way to give your office character without stressing over the interior design.

Subtle Beauty

Sophisticated yet approachable, this warm-toned Oriental rug delivers a cozy vibe to this stunning dining room. The power of paint is demonstrated beautifully with the half-painted wall in this dining area. Half-painted walls can make your ceilings appear higher, and the room appear bigger, which is perfect if you’re pressed for space. If you find a rug you love, try using it as a starting point for the color scheme in your dining room. This can help you select the right color for an accent wall or half-painted wall to create the look and feel you’re going for.

Subtle Beauty Office Rug Ideas

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Timeless Appeal Office Rug Ideas

Between the Lines

A branching pattern of black webs against a white background creates elegant contrast in this beautiful home office. Each line appears to be sketched by hand in an inky black, adding just enough of this dark color to ground and anchor the room. The back and white appeal continues with the accent pillow, and the black planter on the desk adds to the appeal. Note that the secret to getting away with a black-based design in the office is excellent lighting, which this room has in spades.

Timeless Appeal

Designed to blend the benefits of modern construction with the look of a timeworn antique, this Moroccan-inspired area rug creates a sense of sophistication in this office. The best home office designs are often free from distractions, and the understated look of this rug helps create a soothing environment. The blue tones in the rug make this office seem calming and relaxing while grounding the desk, chair and office pouf.

Black and White Office Rug Ideas
Tribal Striations Office Rug Ideas

Playful and Fun

Coastal-inspired office designs might not be on-trend, but playful interior design is. This office is positioned in a shared space that’s both fun and productive. The uplifting reef border area rug enforces the primary color aesthetic in the room, giving it a much-needed dose of bright blue. If you're a parent or you enjoy playful, fun decor, a themed rug can take your office from boring to exciting in moments.

Tribal Striations

A tribal-inspired motif brought to life with complex striations of color gives this jute area rug a unique personality. And in such a great home office space, it fits in perfectly. The area rug complements the earthy green tiling, the color of the walls, and even the color of the office chair, bringing the whole room together. The rug placement shown in this room works well when you’re carving out a niche in a shared space or repurposing another room.

Playful and Fun Offce Rug Ideas

Home Office

In this home office, a black rug anchors the space with a sleek and modern touch. Its dark hue adds a sense of sophistication, creating a professional and stylish atmosphere. The plush texture provides comfort underfoot, making the workspace conducive to focused tasks. Overall, the black rug serves both a practical and aesthetic purpose, enhancing the overall ambiance of the home office.

Adding Personality to Your Workspace

In a blue-themed office, a bold purple and white patterned rug adds a pop of color and style. The rug's unique design adds a touch of creativity to the office without overwhelming the overall aesthetic. It's a simple yet effective way to enhance the workspace with a splash of color and personality.

Striking Contrast

In this sleek office with black walls and a bold black chandelier, a white rug stands out, adding a touch of elegance and contrast to the modern decor. The plush texture and clean color bring a soft element to the room, creating a balanced and visually striking atmosphere.

Minimalistic Office

In the minimalist office, a simple yet stylish rug lays the foundation for the room's design. With a muted color palette of soft grays and whites, the rug complements the clean lines of modern furnishings. In the natural light streaming through large windows, the rug's understated tones contribute to a calm and focused atmosphere in this thoughtfully curated workspace.

Abstract Office Rug Ideas

Riverside Office

From the deep blue wall art to the striking cerulean flowing through the area rug design, this home office is unique and inviting. The radiant ribbon of cerulean blue creates an atmospheric effect, almost as though the office desk sits beside a twilight riverside. With ivory and grey streaking across the rug and similar contrast reflected in the artwork, the result is a calming industrial space with an undeniable sense of style.

Understated Elegance

An understated rug like this makes an excellent foundation for any home office, adding soft texture and visual interest to the space. Here, it balances the darker earth tones of the room, introducing a much-needed dose of color and comfort. If you have enough square footage, this is an excellent example of ideal rug placement in a simple and centered home office.

Elegant Office Rug Ideas
Captivating Colors Office Rug Ideas

Modern Comfort

Versatile and durable, this woven area rug is perfect for a busy office or a shared space in a small home. The floormat texture is comfortable, easy to clean, and durable enough to stand up to frequent use. The modern office layout shown here is an excellent example of unconventional ways to design your space according to your needs. Consider placing your office area rug near where you spend the most time working, not just by your desk.

Explore more Modern Office Decor!

Captivating Colors

Bold and modern, this area rug adds a vibrant accent to this glam home office, making it feel both intentional and exciting. This rug size and placement tie together the shared office space, serving as both a functional floor covering and a work of art. And the layered faux-fur rug in the corner creates depth, bringing in the moody tones found on the chair and wall hanging. Try using curtains that share at least one color with your rug, as shown here, to create a more cohesive home office design.

Modern Comfort Office Rug Ideas
Office Rug Ideas

High Contrast

Many people shy away from high contrast interior decor, but the results are exceptional when it's done right. This office uses a traditional rug with an intricate Persian motif and high-contrast colorway. Paired with the chalkboard wall and chalkboard pillow designs, the rug brings everything together, creating an intentional aesthetic. The contrasting colorway continues throughout the room, making it appear motivating and intellectually stimulating.

Additional Office Decor Ideas!

Pop of Color

In this office, a lively rainbow floral rug takes center stage, injecting bursts of color into the space. The intricate floral patterns match well with the sleek desk and blend seamlessly with the purple walls. The rug not only adds visual interest but ties the room together, creating a cohesive and inviting workspace.

Touch of Sophistication

In this office, a black and white patterned rug sits beneath gray couches, creating a classic contrast in the modern setting. The rug's simple yet bold design adds a touch of sophistication, serving as a stylish foundation for the workspace. It effortlessly ties together the monochromatic theme, while its practicality enhances the overall aesthetic of the room.

Now that you have a good idea of which home office rug ideas you like, it’s time to buy. But first, remember to measure the room you're decorating so you can pick the right size and shape. And don't forget to choose a rug that suits your office chair. If your chair is on casters, you'll want to find a pile it can roll on easily, get a desk mat to protect your rug, or both. If you’re still looking for office rug ideas that work for you, check out our full selection of area rugs. There, you’ll find thousands of new ideas, styles, colors, and patterns to create the office you’ve always dreamed of.


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