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Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Grey is a popular neutral these days, and is an ideal way to bring calm and serenity into your bedroom. It's cool, soothing, and restful for the eyes, creating a haven for sleep and relaxing. Our grey bedroom decor ideas reveal the surprising versatility of this rich tone, which can be cool or warm depending on any underlying shades and the colors you pair it with in your room. To create a lovely grey retreat, start with one shade, then vary it throughout the space. You can add interest with an accent color or stay monochromatic and add interest with texture.

Suited Up in Grey

For masculine appeal in a gray bedroom, use rugs and furnishings that have textures and patterns reminiscent of menswear. This rug's argyle pattern in muted shades of dark and light grey against beige is inviting but powerful. The dark grey beadboard edged in dark wood frames lighter greys in the bedding. Geometics such as striped and checked pillows add to the masculine vibe, as do the iron and glass sconces and bench. You don't need to add much color to add depth; just two pumpkin colored pillows up the interest in this room.

Shaking Things Up - Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas

Shaking Things Up - Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas

If you love the idea of a spare, simple room but worry about it being boring, choose a single, impressive feature to add color to the room. Cool grey walls and bedding and minimal furnishings would seem stark in this bedroom without the colorful rug, which adds interest with texture, color, and shape. The bright greens and blues shake up the color scheme without overwhelming the layers of grey. A black door and cabinets create dimension.

Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

Love grey but want a cheery bedroom? Be sure to blend various shades of grey and add a bright, sunny color like yellow. Painting one wall in a deep shade of grey while leaving the others white gives you richness without darkness. A rug that highlights a bright color like yellow or marigold brightens the room from the ground up. In this room, the punch of yellow breaks up the wash of gray on the bed and wall. A white light fixture ties the dark wall to the rest of the room.

Featured Flooring - Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas

Featured Flooring

To highlight gorgeous features like a natural wood floor, opt for grays that won't overwhelm the beauty of the wood grain. Choose bedding that pulls colors from the floor, as with this medallion print quilt featuring creams, beige, and soft greys. The walls are a not-quite-white shade of grey that allow the luxurious textures, including velvet and linen, to shine. The lighter the walls, the more they will fade into the background so the floors become a focal point.

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Cottage Comforts

Create this inviting cottage bedroom using a wide range of greys with pops of black for contrast. The vintage metal bed frame in black doesn't look heavy when draped with varying shades of charcoal and cream. Artwork in black and white will add a crisp touch to pale grey walls. The complexly patterned rug is a lovely foible to the otherwise simple space, adding warmth underfoot.

Cottage Comforts - Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Fifty Shades of Sophistication - Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas

Fifty Shades of Sophistication

Dark grey is sophisticated and elegant when layered in a light-filled space. Don't be afraid to use paint in unexpected ways. Here, the intricately scrolled headboard is painted in a matte shade that's not quite black. Piling the bed high with velvet and silk pillows creates an island of luxury textures. The thick pile of the shadow-patterned rug adds comfort and grounds the many greys of the bed in the room. Clean-lined lamps and accent pieces are counterpoints to the soft elements.

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Natural Exposure

Decorating with grey doesn't mean you have to be monochromatic. If there's a natural feature in your bedroom such as an exposed brick wall, embrace it rather than painting over it. The warm reds and rustic feel of a single brick wall is a wonderful counterpoint to sleek, cool decor. Try alternating shades of grey around the room, as in this bedroom where you have a cream couch against a charcoal wall, then a charcoal bed against a beige wall. The abstract rug ties the two areas together by blending all shades.

A Clean Slate

For subtle color in a grey bedroom, choose grey versions of primary colors. Rugs with a slate blue background add oomph to a neutral color scheme without overshadowing the overall esthetic. Be sure to add a few accent pieces in slate to create flow. Grey is a classic MCM color that works particularly well with Mid-Century Modern furniture such as side tables and armchairs. Add balance to the cool shades with plants and warm woods.

A Warming Trend - Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas

Barely-There Accent Colors

At first glance, this room is all about grey, but you soon realize each shade has a hint of another hue. Grey has the amazing ability to be many things when you add just the slightest hint of color. This room has a bit of feminine mystique because the duvet is grey with just a touch of lilac and the knitted throw has a misty hint of mint. To reinforce a design motif, try using it in two entirely different mediums, as in these ornate rug medallions that are repeated in the metal wall art.

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A Warming Trend

If you love grey but want a bedroom that feels intimate and cozy, staging and accent colors take on greater importance. Pale grey walls and a grey comforter immediately look warmer with a chunky, cream-colored throw and pillows with beiges and hints of color. Adding wood furniture grouped into a small seating area adds intimacy. Don't be afraid to toss a smaller rug with warm shades of red and gold across a wall-to-wall carpet to define the space. Angling the rug so it leads to the bed issues an invitation to sink into the bed's comfort.

Barely-There Accent Colors - Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas
Ombre Country - Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas

Ombre Country

Greige furniture and walls are a neutral backdrop you can build on with touches of grey throughout. The lovely ombre fade from charcoal to pearl grey on the throw is echoed in a contemporary rug that lends comfort underfoot for anyone seated on the bench. Shiplap siding on the walls adds interest without the diminishing the serene lines and uncluttered beauty of this country farmhouse bedroom.

White Nights - Grey Bedroom Decor Ideas

White Nights

Use greys against a backdrop of white for a calming bedroom that's tranquil and serene. A white rug with sculptural accents in a mid-tone grey sets the tone for this airy room. Keep white walls from looking too stark by framing windows in a rich charcoal grey, then use a light touch elsewhere. At first glance, the sheets and duvet are white, but each has tiny touches of grey in tonal stripes and embroidered accents that repeat the patterns in the rug. In this room, spare use of grey expands the space.

Don't be intimidated by the many shades of grey available. Think about the range of options and how they'll work in your bedroom. Pale shades are more soothing, while darker hues are dramatic and masculine. The beauty of grey is that it can be accented with any color of the spectrum for true versatility when incorporating grey bedroom decor ideas into your home.


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