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Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Modern farmhouse decor has seen a sharp increase in popularity in recent years. With the charming qualities of well-loved homesteads, farmhouse bedroom ideas range from modern to rustic with everything in between. Most components of farmhouse style defy the current trend of contemporary, minimalist looks in favor of romanticized and timeless motifs. In this article, we'll share some of our favorite farmhouse bedroom ideas and design tips to inspire you to decorate your home with character and style that's as unique as you are.

Lofty Dreams

Blank Canvas

Painting the walls white is becoming more and more popular for good reason. White serves as a the perfect canvas for adding in whatever colors you like. In this nursery, you see how the dominant color scheme is pastels and pinks. The white walls serve to bring out those colors even further, The rug in particular is key in defining the space though, since it's one of the darkest colors and is placed in the center of the room. Whether you choose white walls or not, choose a rug that has the wall color in it so that your eye is drawn up and down in the room. As an added bonus, placing a rug in a girl's nursery is a great way to encourage her to courageously explore and enjoy her room.

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Light and Airy - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Cool Collage

If you want to create a personal, unique decoration in the bedroom, go for a collage wall. This is another area that people often find tricky, but here are a few tips to make it easier. Firstly, choose artwork that has similar colors and styles. The artwork her is very distinct with black and white as the primary colors--well, except for the flowers to the left. However, they aren't out of place because they obey the next guideline: include wall art that has similar framing. The flowers here have the same frame as the central artwork, and so the two are tied together. Going with similar framing or frame colors is another great way to create a cohesive collage.

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Traditional Charm

This beautiful bedroom has traditional charm thanks to the classic bed frame and the chair by the door. The rough-textured runner rug offers a warm spot to set your feet in the morning, as does the round rug we can see peeking out at the foot of the bed. Notice the neutral-toned blankets and pillows in the space, adding warmth, texture, and an inviting appeal to the room. And don't forget the wicker basket of dried flowers on the wall, bringing nature indoors for a classic farmhouse look.

Traditional Charm - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas
Modern Farmhouse - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Modern Farmhouse

With a contemporary bed frame and grey carpet, this farmhouse bedroom is simple and charming. The stools at the foot of the bed add versatility and a rugged charm with the exposed wood grain, as does the vintage-style area rug. And the olive tree in the corner introduces natural color and texture to enhance the farmhouse appeal. Olive trees are ideal houseplants for farmhouse style rooms, and you'll find plenty of artificial options if you don't have a green thumb.

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Rugged and Contemporary

With a chocolate-toned sleigh bed frame and warm white walls, this farmhouse bedroom is both rugged and contemporary at the same time. The large, rugged area rug adds texture, pattern, and color to the space, grounding the furniture. And the rugged a-frame bench at the foot of the bed drives the farmhouse look home, providing gentle contrast with the abstract artwork hanging over the headboard. Finally, notice how the extra blankets and pillows add an inviting, relaxing appeal to the space for a warm country welcome, no matter where you live.

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Rugged and Contemporary - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Smart Layers - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Smart Layers

Layered area rugs, blankets, and other textiles make it easy to create a farmhouse look, especially if the rest of the space features exposed wood grain or other natural elements. A larger natural area rug is layered beneath an intricate traditional rug in this modest farmhouse bedroom to soften the effect. In addition, while the throw pillow arrangement isn't overflowing, it's enough to add to the inviting appeal of the space. And the layered blankets offer extra warmth while subtly enhancing the style of this bedroom.	Gray Love - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Rustic Appeal

We see a bedframe with nailhead trim and dark wood stain with a traditional nightstand to the side in this farmhouse rustic bedroom idea. The light above the nightstand and the simple decor on the built-in shelving enhance the farmhouse appeal, as does the throw pillow arrangement. And don't forget the vintage area rug beneath the bed, providing a warm spot for bare feet while protecting the floor.

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Gray Love

While farmhouse style often emphasizes white walls and decor, grey has a place in modern farmhouse homes. Here, we see a warm grey used for the bedding, setting a soothing and calm mood. The rustic wood bench at the foot of the bed, along with the dark wood grain furniture in the back, help add to the farmhouse appeal. And don't forget the museum-lit artwork or the olive branches in the back, introducing chic style. Our favorite part, though, is the warm vintage area rug positioned beneath the bed for comfort and insulation.

Rustic Appeal - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas
Paneled Walls - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Paneled Walls

Paneled walls create a distinct farmhouse look in any space, and this bedroom has them all around. Notice the stripes and lines throughout the decor in this space, from the rug to the bed skirt to the throw pillows and headboard. Using lines and stripes is an excellent way to bring out the charm of paneled walls, especially in a farmhouse space. We also love the soft, curved lines introduced by the lamp and accent tables, creating contrast and modern appeal.

Luminous Decor - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Luminous Decor

With sheer white curtains and white walls, this farmhouse bedroom glows with an inviting and airy atmosphere. We love the linen-textured bedding in a range of warm neutral and sage green tones, as well as the distressed area rug beneath the bed. And don't forget the traditional nightstand and its rustic tabletop arrangement. Traditional, vintage furniture goes a long way in enhancing farmhouse styling.

Black and White

You don't often see black and white color combinations in traditional farmhouse decor, but it's more common in modern farmhouse looks. Here, the sheer black curtains contrast the sheer white curtains for a chic window treatment. The tribal-inspired area rug and rustic bench at the foot of the bed bring in the farmhouse look, as do the warm-toned fabrics layering the bed. Finally, notice how the leather headboard enhances the appeal with traditional charm.

Black and White - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas
Abundant Textures - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Children's Room

Decorating a children's bedroom with farmhouse style can be fun. Look for antique furniture and accents, which you see here in the bedframe, doll bassinette, and dresser. And try thick braided rugs to protect the floor while offering an easy-to-clean surface for simple maintenance. The shadow box on the wall is another excellent example of vintage finds that can make a kid's room more exciting to spend time in for little ones.

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Abundant Textures

Wood, fur, linen, clay, and other natural textures can bring a farmhouse bedroom to life. In this space, the faux sheepskin rug layered over the distressed area rug creates exciting texture at the foot of the bed. In addition, we love the exposed wood grain furniture, leather stool pads, clay pot vases complete with rustic-style greenery, and linen bedding, all of which add serious charm to the space. And don't forget the beautiful scenic painting above the bed – landscape paintings are a great match for farmhouse rooms.

Children's Room - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bold Accents - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Bold Accents

Farmhouse decor is all about unique, vintage furniture and accents with plenty of character. Here, we see the vintage cabinet against the wall and a vintage chair in the nook at the back. Still, the mirror, wall art, and metallic lamp add that bold look, demonstrating how you can add your personality to any design. And don't forget the ornate bordered rug on the floor or the textured bedding, both of which enhance the farmhouse appeal while making the bedroom look more relaxing.

Layered and Bright - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Olive Love

In this bedroom, we see white shaker walls and a rich wood floor, instantly creating a farmhouse mood. The rustic-style wood benches and wood planter add to the look, as does the vintage-style olive green rug. The olive theme continues with the olive throw pillows and layered olive blanket at the foot of the bed. And don't forget the olive tree, which adds serious country appeal.

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Layered and Bright

This bright bedroom makes good use of layered linen fabrics with warm and neutral tones to set an instant farmhouse tone. The long, narrow wood bench at the foot of the bed enhances the farmhouse appeal, as does the wicker basket, and the sandy area rug. Such baskets are excellent for guest rooms, as they provide bedding options to ensure your guests are comfortable no matter the weather.

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Olive Love - Farmhouse Bedroom Decor Ideas

Beautiful Barn Doors

Barn doors or track doors are popular in farmhouse style bedrooms and other interior design styles. If you use this style of door in your bedroom to divide the room from the master bathroom, you have plenty of options with different doors. Vintage, chipping doors can lean heavily into the vintage farmhouse style or warm woods can convey a more traditional farmhouse aesthetic like this classic bedroom.

Coastal Farmhouse

Although coastal style and farmhouse style may seem like polar opposites, these two styles actually have a lot in common. They both use warm, natural tones in their rooms and strive to create very soothing, welcoming spaces. By using coastal motifs in a farmhouse color palette, you can easily blend your two favorite styles.

Tasteful Traditions

Traditional styles often use symmetry to make the space feel very classic and tidy. You can use symmetry in your farmhouse bedroom decor with your nightstand decor, table lamps, and pillows. If you have seating in the room, you can line up two chairs at the end of the bed or use a farmhouse bedroom bench to add that seating and further the symmetrical scheme.

Designated Spaces

Your bedroom may host an office, a reading nook, or another miscellaneous space in the room. In these cases, each area of the room should convey a cohesive design but also be different enough to stand as their own unique spaces. To bridge the gap between two areas of the room, consider using a small farmhouse rug like this bedroom. This rug signals a transition from one space to another while fitting the entire room's color palette.

Vintage Heirlooms

Vintage and rustic farmhouse bedrooms often use antiques in the room's main furniture, primary accents, or in every element of the room. If you have a sentimental piece like a nightstand, an ornately framed piece of art, or a knit blanket, your farmhouse bedroom can show off these elements as main decorations or secondary accents.

Elevated Farmhouse

Elegant farmhouse or elegant classic bedrooms are coming back into style thanks to their soothing color palettes and tones. When designing a room in these styles, consider classic rug designs like persian, oriental, or overdyed designs. The lighting fixtures will also elevate the room's tone if they use quality crystals, glass, or other elegant materials.

Country Red

Some branches of farmhouse style lean more heavily into a vintage countryside aesthetic. In these cases, you might see rich reds, yellows, and browns. In your farmhouse bedroom, you can boldly use these colors with traditional patterns or show off these colors in more contemporary ways with paisley designs and no vintage patterns.

Soft Edges

In general, soft and rounded edges create softer tones than rigid rectangular and square shapes. That is why farmhouse style bedrooms often use delicate curls and rounded furniture in their rooms. This soft farmhouse bedroom hardly has any sharp edges in sight, which goes a long way in creating a very soothing, welcoming space.

Light and Airy

Farmhouse homes are characterized by very warm, welcoming tones. One way to set that tone in your master bedroom is to use warm neutral tones like white, off-white, cream, and beige. These colors can be used in your linens, accents, furniture, rugs, and whatever other fixtures you have in your room.

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Supreme Comfort

Even though hardwood floors are all the rage, having a fully carpeted bedroom is still beautiful and practical. By having a simple beige carpet in your bedroom, the whole room will naturally feel connected with the same base. Carpets also provide comfort and warmth that is unparalleled. However, if you aren't sold on the idea of carpet, consider ordering large area rugs to rest on top of wooden floors or even on top of carpet.

Warm and Cool

Grey and cream tones are often considered opposite of one another, since grey tends to lean into cooler tones while cream colors are warmer. However, you can blend these two colors in your farmhouse bedroom to fit the color palette of modern farmhouse style and traditional farmhouse style. When doing so, lean into the same overall style and tone. For example, this room clearly leans into an elegant style with both the grey and beige colors, which unifies the room's grand design and colors.

All In The Details

If you enjoy clutter-free, simple bedrooms and love farmhouse style, you can have both those styles at once! When you craft a farmhouse bedroom, choose accents that serve practical purposes. Then, allow those decorations and furniture to highlight farmhouse style with the colors, patterns, and craftsmanship. As you can see through this modern farmhouse bedroom, there are plenty of ways to create a dynamic farmhouse bedroom without making the room feel cluttered or too busy.

In Bloom

Flowers are a big part of farmhouse style as they are reflective of nearby countrysides and beautiful landscapes. Real plants can be used as your master bedroom decor, or you can find inspiration in using artificial plants, floral wall art, floral rugs, or lamps that harken back to nature. There are many ways to use different accents and decorations to style your farmhouse bedroom, but floral accents and nature motifs are two popular areas to consider.

We hope these modern farmhouse bedroom ideas have helped you decide how to design your most personal space. Whether you'd like to recreate one look or pick ideas from multiple images, we're confident that you'll design a stylish and relaxing space that fits your bedroom layout. And if you're still looking for ideas, try browsing our full selection of farmhouse rugs for more beautiful images.


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