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Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas 

Boho decor speaks to the unconventional, bohemian styles of the past. The look is casual yet chic, with lots of color, patterns, and a unique blend of styles that is eclectic with lots of natural elements. You'll find plenty of artwork, knick-knacks, and ethnic touches in our boho bedroom ideas. Think funky, fresh, and colorful when creating a boho bedroom. The bohemian esthetic often includes a multi-purpose approach to everything from furniture to accessories.

Pillow Talk - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Pillow Talk

A collection of marvelously varied throw pillows can embody bohemian style. Choose several different colors and patterns created by hand. These pillows feature embroidery, tassels, fringe, and ethnic patterns that provide plenty of flair. A thick, flokati rug has the added interest of deep sculpturing in a diamond pattern. Add lots of plants in various textures to complete your bohemian retreat.

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Repurposed and Relaxed

Create a bohemian bedroom by repurposing items such as pallets to use as furniture. In this room, the bedframe of wood pallets becomes chic when topped with bedding in various warm shades of peach, tan, and cream. Arrange an eclectic mix of artwork along a simple wood shelf. In this room, the blend of modern and traditional art is reinforced by the colors in a rug that looks like a family heirloom.

Repurposed and Relaxed - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas
Blend Your Tastes - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Effortless Assembly

A successful bohemian bedroom looks effortless yet curated, as in this relaxing bedroom. The blue and grey tones don't precisely match, but they blend beautifully for a cohesive whole. Rugs, pillows, throws, and baskets are all ways to introduce tactile elements. You can reinforce the boho vibe by forgetting about matched furniture. In this space, light, medium, and dark woods harmonize but seem unintentional.

Blend Your Tastes

Create a bohemian bedroom by mixing various cultural elements and eras. The intricate, Mexican silver headboard here works surprisingly well with mid-century modern furniture and an elaborate English tea set. Have a prized possession you don't know what to do with? In a boho room, even a surfboard can become a design element.

Effortless Assembly - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

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Boho Gallery Wall - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Organic Boho

Even the simplest bedroom space can benefit from groupings of live plants, an organic element found in many bohemian bedrooms. To keep things lively, vary the size and type of plants and use mismatched pots. Choose natural materials like linen and cotton for bedding. The assymetrical arrangement used here, with a thoroughly modern lamp on one side, contributes to the casual feel.

Boho Gallery Wall

When creating a bohemian bedroom, forget about precision. This gallery wall features folk art, a watercolor floral, and modern art, all in different frames and clustered randomly rather than regimented. You can use one oversized accent as the centerpiece on the bed, as with this furry, pink ombre pillow. It's so fabulous it doesn't need any companions. Not sure there's enough color? A vibrant bohemian rug is the answer.

Organic Boho - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas
Serene Dreams - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas


Create a cozy, bohemian refuge by choosing a warm, terracotta shade for textiles such as pillows and throws. Add a rich blue as the secondary color using a rug with a striking pattern, then layer on the neutrals. A tall, potted palm fills an empty spot with needed greenery.

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Serene Dreams

You can add a boho touch to an otherwise serene bedroom by focusing on lots of texture and pattern in limited color palette. Oversized woven baskets can serve double duty as storage and seating, while patterned pillows with handmade appeal add depth. Choose an area rug that combines soft colors with an interesting pattern and intricate sculpting for added impact.

Terra Cotta Charm - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas
Headline Making Headboard - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Pared Down bohemian

For a masculine twist on bohemian, focus on the richness of the furnishings and choose strong neutrals. Boho touches here include the side tables with bamboo trim, intricate table lamps, and a wonderful ceiling fan that's retro modern. Choose a rug that combines two different styles, like this ornate oriental with an Ikat style border, for dramatic flair.

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Headline Making Headboard

For a light and airy boho space, choose a headboard like this delicate latticework style in natural wood, than reinforce the lovely texture with a bench featuring a woven hemp seat. Using a mix of geometrics will enliven the space. Try combining linear elements (grooved nightstand drawer, paneled walls) with geometrics like the large-scale diamonds on the rug that are echoed on the throw pillows.

Pared Down Boho - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas
Capture the Wave - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

A Light Touch

To dress up a neutral bedroom, you can add boho elements without going overboard. The bedding and rug in this bedroom are cool neutrals, but pops of blue, orange, yellow, and green add vibrance through artwork and pillows. A sleek headboard and mid-centure side tables bring a retro touch to the room.

Capture the Wave

If you love boho chic but aren't a fan of multiple colors, focus on intricate patterns and various shades of your favorite color. In this bedroom, various blues throughout the room are represented in a bold print and architecturally detailed walls. Boho touches include basketry wall art and a sleek brass lamp.

A Light Touch - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas
Pile On the Colors - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Funky Fringes

To create a bohemian feel, add unexpected elements like these wonderful, fringed wall sconces. To make them pop, choose a contrasting wall color, then repeat the texture by adding tassels to the curtains and choosing a throw and decorative pillows with deep fringing. Natural rattan furniture is a great starting point for any boho bedroom.

Pile On the Colors

Celebrate bohemian beauty with a rainbow of vivid colors. These fabulous pillows in bright colors and bold patterns work so well because they're displayed against a white background. Choose one piece of artwork that repeats the colors and patterns of the pillows for added impact. Funky touches like a snake pillow and oversized tassels keep things playful.

Funky Fringes - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Unifying Lines - Boho Bedroom Decor Ideas

Unifying Lines

Variations on stripes give a bohomenian bedroom a unifying element while retaining a fresh, unstructured appeal. For maximum effect, mix stripes of different width and colors with chevrons and dotted lines to break things up and blend colors. This gives you tons of texture, particularly when combined with the boho, woven lamps. Lush plants placed throughout the room complete the cozy feel.

Simple Symmetry

Shared boho bedrooms or other small boho rooms can easily be balanced with symmetry. When you intentionally place furniture, rugs, artwork, and accents in a symmetrical layout, you can maximize the room's potential and keep it from feeling cluttered, even if it is a small bedroom.

Playful Patterns

Bohemian style is often very eclectic, which means items of the room may feel piecemeal or not perfectly matched. That gives you plenty of freedom in incorporating colors, patterns, and designs into your boho bedroom. Allow this room to serve as inspiration with its patterned curtains, rug, pillows, and even the printed lampshades. No area is off limits when it comes to introducing a fun pattern.

Formal Boho

Even though bohemian style is often associated with more youthful schemes and color palettes, this style is malleable enough to be combined with different interior design styles. In this case, an elegant version of boho style is present in the room's canopy bed, formal chandelier, and streamlined design. Then, the boho elements are brought in through textures, subdued versions of a boho color scheme, and the iconic art above the headboard. This room is just one example of how boho style can easily be combined with other aesthetics.

Tasteful Tassels

Tassels and frayed edges often appear in boho style in order to add more texture and youthful flair to the room. This can be shown through the bed's blankets, pillows, chandelier, wall art, and other accents. A tasseled area rug is another option for showing off that signature style and further developing the room's textured design.

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Bold Boho

Some versions of boho style really lean into an eclectic style by compiling works of art, accents, and furniture that you wouldn't naturally pair with one another. If you take this approach when creating your own bold boho bedroom, you can achieve stunning results like this room. Bold colors, unique personalized artwork, and textures can abound as you fully express yourself.

Balanced Boho

The most extreme versions of boho style can sometimes feel cluttered or overwhelming. To avoid that in your room, try focusing your decor on one specific area. In this case, the bed is the main source of decor with its boho bedspread, tossed pillows, and color palette. By focusing your attention there and keeping the nearby walls clean and tidy, you can create a balanced modern bohemian bedroom.

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Rugs and Carpet

Whether you are creating a boho room or not, it's perfectly acceptable to place an area rug on top of carpet. In this room's case, the geometric pattern of the rug really draws in the boho style and the additional fabric further solidifies the room's comfortable tone. Flat weave rugs, plush shag rugs, and other rugs can all be used in boho bedrooms to create your ideal statement.

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A Whimsical Wonderland

Fairy lights are just so magical. With their whimsical lines and flowing details, these lights are ideal for illuminating youthful boho spaces or rustic boho bedrooms like this one. Even if you elect not to use fairy lights, consider how the room's lighting fixtures and lighting temperature can create the right mood in your boho bedroom.

Soft Edges

Part of the reason boho style feels so warm and welcoming is because it often lacks rigid shapes and hard edges. While some rectangular shapes and lines are present in this room, note how many of the room's accents are circular or have rounded shapes. Including soft textures, fabrics, and edges in your room will help you convey that coveted warm boho tone.

Completely Cozy

To make your boho bedroom more cozy, bring in plenty of blankets, pillows, rugs, and other textures to add warmth. Fur is often used in modern and rustic boho rooms alike. Whether you use the fur as a simple bench accent, a rug, or another form of art, fur is bound to make your boho bedroom more cozy.

Natural beauty and rich, bold colors are central to successful boho bedroom ideas. By keeping things casual, you can create a beautiful room that seems accidentally chic rather than assembled. A boho bedroom should feel unintentional yet gorgeously composed and vibrant. Layering colors and textures is key to boho beauty.


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