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Bedroom Rug Ideas

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It’s the one place where you can escape from the business of life, where you can use design to showcase your individual style. Make your bedroom a place of rest and refuge by adding an area rug.

​​​​​​​Bedroom Rug Ideas

If you’ve ever gotten out of bed in the morning and immediately felt chilled by the icy temperature of your floor, then you can imagine how luxurious a soft rug can feel under your toes. Where bedrooms typically don’t receive much foot traffic, you can spring for that extra soft plush rug you’ve been dreaming of. For all of the best bedroom rug ideas, read on!

Bedroom Rug Placement Ideas

When adding an area rug to your bedroom you have a couple of placement options. When placing a rug under your bed, you’ll want to be sure the rug sticks out from the bed at least 24” on all sides. Here’s a quick guide to pick the right rug for your bed size:

  • King - 8x10 to 9x12
  • Queen - 6x9 to 8x10
  • Double - 5x8 to 6x9
  • Twin - 5x8 to 6x9 (for two twin beds a 9x12 will hold both beds)
  • All legs on the rug - You can place the rug completely under the bed so that the rug goes all the way to the wall behind the headboard. If you go with this option you’ll want to make sure you buy a rug thats big enough to allow rug space around the entire bed, including under the nightstands and beyond the foot of the bed.
  • ⅔ on the rug - You can place a rug under the bottom two thirds of the bed. This means the top ⅓ (the head of the bed) and any nightstands will be on the flooring. This is a great option if you want to buy a little less rug but still nicely frame the bed.
  • Runner - If you’re looking for a more intriguing design a bedroom runner is a great option. Runners are more economical because you’re not paying for a rug space that won’t be used. Add a runner or two along the side(s) of the bed.

Bedroom Rug Style

You can show your personal style in your master bedroom with a rug. However, to keep your space a safe haven, you’ll want to choose a rug that doesn’t overwhelm the room.

  • If you’re getting a large rug, avoid bold bright colors and patterns. You can go bold and bright on a smaller scale (think throw pillows or art work).
  • If you have a small bedroom, choose a smaller rug. Stripes and geometric patterns help to elongate the room. A small rug at the foot of your bed can be just enough to make your room feel more personal.
  • Since the bedroom doesn’t receive a lot of foot traffic a high pile super soft shag rug is a great choice. A shag rug in the bedroom says comfort and luxury.
  • If you share your bedroom with a pet you’ll want to be aware of the material your rug is made from. Absorbent fibers like silk and viscose are beautiful but will absorb the dirt and oils from your favorite furry friend. Instead, choose a rug made from a durable and easy to clean material. Wool, jute and sisal are easy to clean, especially if they are woven tight. Synthetic materials also work well with pets as they can stand up to frequent cleanings.



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